There's this beautiful goddess who goes

There's this beautiful goddess who goes to my school. I found her passed out at my friend's party in 1 of the bedrooms and molested her. I'm not proud of it, but it was the perfect opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about her...because I know I don't have a snowball's chance in h*** at ever hookin up with her...way out of my league. This has to be the worst thing I've ever done to someone, but I can't change the past...and I never got caught so......but it drives me crazy everytime I see her, all I can think about is that night and how lucky I am...99% of the guys at my school will never experience what I did...they'll have to keep dreaming.

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  • I'm actually a bit attracted to your character.

  • At first you say that it was "the worst thing I've ever done", yet at the end you say, "all I can think about is that night and how lucky I am" So, do you feel bad, or are you proud of what yu did??? Either way, you sound like a real loser, and you will probably die alone!

  • It doesn't sound like you feel bad or regret what you did, therefore, you are a slimy piece of mildew stuck on someone's shoe! Kill yourself please??

  • Haahaa! F*** it, I'd probably do it again given the opportunity. It just p***** me off how she acts like she's way too good for anyone, like she's in her own little world or something. She shouldn't have even been at that party in the first place anyways. I always walk behind her going up the steps so that her perfect little butt is all in my face. I'm constantly laughing to myself while hearing all these dudes talk about her and praise her like she's an actual goddess. What they don't know is, I have a little secret.

  • You sick f***, you didn't experience what 99% of her lovers have and will: her embrace. I am a grown ass man and I would shoot you if I knew who you were. Way to give yourself some awful karma. Believe me that this is going to come back around, you f****** coward. Let someone do it to your sister, or better yet, your daughter if any woman is naive enough to bear your child.

  • I hope you get run over by a car and die.

  • wow....You seem like a great guy.

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