Hooked and now i'm hooked

I made the little mistake of hooking up with my friends husband. i thought it would be just a onetime or twotime thing but i got hooked on his d*** and now i cant ever stop not ever.

Aug 23, 2018

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  • Years ago my wife told me a bout her best friend and how she was coming to stay with us for a weekend. She told me straight out that she didn't want me alone with her friend at anytime while she was there. I laughed it off but she was serious telling me her friend had either hooked up with or tried hooking up with any guy my wife dated or showed interest in, some how they remained friends. Long story short she comes to the house Friday night and we all go out for dinner. My wife has seafood and gets food poisoning ends up so sick we take her to the hospital where she spends the night. Somewhere around 4am Jill ,my wife's best friend from college, wakes me up with her hand inside my boxers, her fingers wrapped around my c***. I freak out, she is completely nude telling me to" calm down ,Cathy, my wife, won't ever have to know. It will be our little secret and I know you liked it because you're already hard." I now understood exactly why my wife didn't want us alone together. For the first time in my life I told a very attractive woman to get out of my bedroom . The next morning I called her a cab to take her to a hotel. To the op you are truly a piece of human feces . You are not a friend at all , I hope you both get caught and karma come at you hard and fast!

  • Damn right you are.. good karma may be or may not be fruitful but bad karma falls on your ass like a hammer very soon.

  • LOL. "I know you are, but what am I"? That's your comeback?? You'll be disappointed to hear it, but I really am a good friend, and a good wife, and a great (and filthy) lover. Why can't I be all three simultaneously? Just because you say so? LOL!!

  • If you are truly dirty message back on dirtiest thing you have done!?

  • I let another guy f*** me tight ass

  • This is not the DIRTIEST thing I've done, but it's something that men love for me to do (because I'm REALLY good at it), is r****** and tongue-f****** a man's ass, while I stroke his d*** and massage his b****. My guess? Your wife not only doesn't like it, but she refuses to do it. You would never have to even ASK me to do it: I just go for that because I love it. And yes.....there are many dirtier things. :)

  • It was just a fact that i was sharing my dear,nothing against you. Ofcourse you fit in every role that you have mentioned i am pretty sure about that. I wish i could experience your filth in my bed, honey i would spank your butt and giggle my tongue deep right in your ass till you c**. I wish to destroy your holes bbitch....omg i am rubbing it right now

  • You sound WONDERFUL (and please don't worry about our disagreement: no biggie, baby). I loved your desires and your eagerness, and your playfulness (especially that ass play thing! I really love love love love love ass play)! That's sexy! But even sexier than that??? You told me you would destroy my holes! Oooooooh OMMFG! I love a man who thinks that way, and who will say that to a woman! I imagine us meeting in a bar as strangers, flirting madly, and then -- with my husband standing behind me, engaged in conversation with someone else -- you lean down to me (I'm short, sorry!), cup my breast in your hand, and tell me, "I'm going to destroy your holes, b****". I'm wet for you right now. Yes, you really ARE wonderful. Wonderful.

  • You're filled with regret over having lost an amazing opportunity.

  • Do it right infront of your friend and tell her she is a loser while doin it

  • Yes I like it tell me more!

  • HA! It sounded to me like YOU were the one who had this experience (and I have even been fantasizing about it since I read what you first wrote, f************ myself like I'm crazy)!!! And I'm convinced you HAVE had that experience! My feeling is that you have f***** one of your wife's friends RIGHT UNDER HER NOSE! Maybe even tied your wife to a chair, and f***** her best friend while your wife cried and begged for it to end, and you and her friend laughed at her while the two of you f***** like rabid animals. I think you are a bad man, a very BAD man, and most women love that!!! I think your wife was proud to have a man so oversexed when she married you, but not so proud when you brought her best friend into your bedroom and f***** in ways you'd never f***** your wife before. So, dish baby! DISH!

  • Oooooooh, my sweet baby! My sweet, sweet, SWEET baby! I love the way you think. Really LOVE the way you think. Your thoughts and your words just made me warm and creamy and loving. Oooooooh, mother of Christ! The women in your life are lucky to have somebody so sexy and seductive in their lives! Mmmmmmm, you are delicious. Really just so yummy! Oooooooh…...

  • Nice! That’s why most of us don’t need friends.If he’s married and F**** around on his wife... guess what? He’ll do it to you with no problem. Sounds like you two were made for each other.

  • LOL! Honey, you don't have any idea! That man needs what I give him almost as bad as I need what he gives me. This p**** is golden. He'll never stray. He doesn't even f*** his wife anymore! LOL!

  • LOL! You dumb delusional cow. I guarantee that's what his wife thought when they were first married, yet here you are with hallway tw@t catching his cheating hot dog. Mistresses always think they've got this magical thing between their thighs, but one pu$$y is just like another.

    He WILL cheat more. Maybe he'll eventually give you a really nice STD for proof, one that makes your so-called magic place rot until it smells like week-old trout (assuming it doesn't already) :)

  • That's you're friend's hook, go find your own hook.

  • That is the thing with me. See I believe that he's mine, and I know that I'm his. This is how God meant it to be. We just messed up before we figured that out...….

  • This will end horribly for all.

  • That won't happen...….if I keep getting that man's d***. I promise.

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