What is wrong with me?

Over the last year and a half I have had s** with my best friend's boyfriend numerous times. After every time we say: "this will be the last time." it never is. Recently my best friend found out about her boyfriend's wondering eye. It worries me that she may end up finding out that he has more than just a wondering eye...and worse---that her best friend could do this to her. I just can't control it. He is so great at s** and I feel alive when I am with him. We have almost gotten caught three different times. I am not sure if the forbidden act is the attraction or just s** in general, but I feel awful for doing this to my sweet friend. She deserves better.

May 9, 2013

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  • Well if the scumbag is willing to cheat on her with her best friend, he aint much of a good boyfriend and you should be a better friend and let her know that. So you screwed him several times. Yeah you should feel ashamed of yourself, but make it right by making her see the light. And keep it in your g****** pants. You are human right? Higher thought and all that.

  • take him from her. she isnt taking care of him like you are so go out and take him. stop thinking about what your doing to her and start thinking about you can do to him. and what he can do to you.

  • He is YOUR boyfriend, not HER boyfriend. That is so obvious. And you need to start acting like it. Kick her sorry ass to the curb and take what's yours.

  • You are a filthy tramp. SHAME!

  • If you're a best friend then I'm sure most people would agree that they wouldn't want or need a best friend like you! and you're right your friend deserves better then what you've given or should I say taken from her...

  • God you are so super sexy. i wish i was the guy you were with. i would immediately dump that other girl and be only with you. god you are so sexy i almost cant even stand it.

  • stop feeling awful. just stop. you arent the one thats at fault. your girlfriend is the one thats at fault. she is because she cant give her man what he needs. thats why he comes to you. be proud of that and be happy about it. what he has with you is better than what he has with her. otherwise it wouldnt keep on happening and it wouldnt make you both feel as good as it does. surely you can see that.

  • just admit it. you like doing him behind her back. it makes it more exciting than just the average s*** with your own boyfriend: you'd rather be s******* hers. that is not ever going to change with you. your going to be doing that for the rest of your life: f****** other women's men. its the risk that draws you. you will never get that out of your system. and you will never find another way to scratch that secret itch you have deep deep deep inside your t***. just admit it.

  • Nothing like the thrill of the forbidden fruit.
    If you don't believe me, get divorced, marry this
    new stud and then tell me you feel the same.
    Sadly, you have convinced yourself that you being better at s** makes you the better person. I think you are jealous
    Of your girlfriend and are leveling the playing field in your own mind. Been there, done that; paid the price and it wasn't worth it just an expensive lesson about oneself.

  • If you meant what you say, you wouldn't be in the situation you are in. You love f****** your best friends man, call a red horse red. If she finds out, don't expect you'll be best friends after that, just saying.

  • jeez you are one amazingly hot piece of ass and i think i love you!

  • If your girlfriend was able to take care of him and satisfy his needs, he wouldn't be coming to you for that. So, the fact that he keeps coming back tells you two things, two absolute facts. First, you're better in bed than she is. And second, he wants you more than he wants her. Stop worrying over this. This man wants you. He wants YOU. And you should keep giving yourself to him.........for as long as it pleases YOU.

  • If you enjoy having him inside you -- without regard for who he's dating -- then that's enough of a reason to continue the relationship. You're young (apparently), and you should be enjoying yourself. So, go out and enjoy yourself!!

  • The phrase "I just can't control it" has been the cheap and convenient explanation or excuse for so many of the world's ills throughout all of recorded history that its use for those purposes could not possibly be estimated. Of course you CAN "control it", because you have a will and you have an intellect. And of course you SHOULD "control it", for all the reasons you already know. And of course if you expect or even hope to maintain your friendship (I have to use that word loosely, because you do) with this girl, you MUST "control it", because if she ever finds out, that friendship (again, loosely used) is over. And of course if you expect or hope to maintain a reputation that doesn't encourage people to call you "w****", you better start controlling it, like today. Your relationship with the guy, regardless of its thrill or appeal, is totally defective and the only way to correct it is to end it. Now.

  • Awesome reply. She's the "decider".

  • If you're f****** her guy, the girl you're talking about may be YOUR best friend, but you certainly are not HER best friend. You should be embarrassed of yourself.

  • All of you are whores.

  • I know exactly how you feel, particularly about the guy making you feel alive and being so good at making love to you. I had a secret relationship with the boyfriend of a girl I grew up with from kindergarten. She dated him all the way through high school and college, but I got with him too all the way through our junior and senior year of college, and he was in me at least as much as her and maybe even more, and I know I was on him way more than I was ever on any of my boyfriends. He excited me more than anybody ever did or ever has since then, and he satisfied me in ways that no other man could even imagine. He was good in general, but mostly it was that c*** of his. He wasn't hung like a horse: he was hung like TWO f****** horses. God, I'm getting wet just thinking about that f****** thing and the way he used it on me. After we graduated, he went to grad school up in Michigan, and I had planned to go with him, but I couldn't afford it, and it would have been obvious that I was just chasing after that meat between his legs. My girlfriend did go with him, but he dumped her for some model chick he was gagging with that thing and who was making a lot of money. I still ache for him and wish I could go back to him. Mostly, though, I wish I could get him in me. Deeeeep.

  • i started up with a guy one of my girlfriends was dating and later on married and i was even a bridesmaid att their wedding. i knew it was wrong but i couldnt stop and didnt want to. we both swore we would stop it before the wedding but we kept it going for over a year after the wedding. i was already married when we started and the only thing that stopped it was that his wife got pregnant and it made him worse and worse and worse to keep doing me while she was pregngant that he finally just quit just right befor the baby got born and we decided not to start it up again. nobody ever new what we were doing the whole time. i guess i probbly should regret it but i dont.

  • ur nasty u should be ashamed and u should stop this

  • Stop beating yourself up. It seems obvious that you and he love one another, and THAT is why the s** is so good, not because it's so wrong. Eventually, I think you and he will go to her together and end that relationship (because SHE is actually "the other woman" in this setting, not you), leaving you with a man that already belongs to you. Until that day, relax and enjoy what's happening between the two of you today: we aren't promised tomorrow.

  • False

  • not false. true. TRUE.

  • Just tell the truth...and you don't have to remember anything.

  • its obviously both of those things. the s** is great because hes better than your boyfriend or anyone else you ever had. and the cheating is and amazing thrill. most women dont find out how good adultery is until much later in their life so you should be glad that you found out early so you can enjoy it that much more. believe me it only gets better the more you do it so you should just keeping getting more and more and more and more of this guy for as long as you can. what your doing is verrrrry sexy.

  • There's nothing wrong with you: you are simply enjoying the delicious taste of forbidden fruit. Enjoy it.......and be careful.

  • You have f***** both your friend and her boyfriend. You will have made an enemy for life, you might as well tell her why she is going to hate you before she finds out and be done with it.

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