Well, im in a very difficult situation i have "frends" that i dont even trust, two of them are just ridicules, mean and i don't trust them at all. But the other friends she is cool to hang out with but i feel like she aint that real. One thing we have in-comment is that we dont like the other girls. U may thing im a fake but trust me i have know these girls all my life but as we all grow up these girls are getting meaner and meaner. so i just want to know what the h*** im going to do. To be honest i really dont kno. I don't have allots of frends i only got them. Like lily and Veronica they are so fake, and i have a hard time to stand for myself sometimes, they make me weaker. And Hana She is chool but something is wrong with her i love her to death but i dont think we trust each other as we say we do, may be she feels like she cant trust me buz of them two girls

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