Wife's friends

I fantasise about f****** any of my wife's friends. She has 3 good friends Caroline who is really hot, Phyllis who is a bit over weight but a really h**** b**** and Doreen who is average looking but nothing special but I would love to f*** all of them just as much.
I flirt with them all as much as I can and I have shagged Phyllis a few times b4 I was with my wife and also once while I've been married. She is also married but an amazing s***!!
Caroline is divorced and is my wife's best mate and she would love me to f*** her but won't because she is my wife's best friend!! Im positive i will f*** her one day!!
Doreen is also married and very polite and proper and I didn't for a minute think she would cheat on her husband until one night at a party she was flirting a bit and having a laugh but some how I ended up on the floor with her sitting on me trying to tickle me. I instantly got a hardon and she knew it but still bounced about and gave me a cheaky f*** me look!!
Is it wrong to want to f*** her friends??
My fantasy would to f*** them all one at a time while my wife lay on the couch watching us as she played with herself!!!

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  • ALRIGHT!!!! Hold the f****** Bus!!!
    Details man, details on Caroline.....you can't leave us hanging man, good God...the humanity!!! Details.....

  • Caroline came out for a few drinks with me and my wife and then went back to our house for a few more. My wife told Caroline I was great at at massaging her feet and Caroline joked that I should prove it on her feet.
    To my surprise my wife brought through some massage oil and told me to go ahead! I started massaging her feet and my c*** was rock solid. After about 20 mins my wife started to nod off on the couch beside us so about 5 mins later I started rubbing up Caroline's leg. She just kept talking away as normal so I rubbed higher up her leg till I was at the top of her thigh! I rubbed her p**** through her panties then put my hand inside them a slowly pushed a finger inside her moist p**** as she was rubbing my c*** with her bare feet while my wife lay asleep on the next couch!!!
    I whispered to her that I wanted to f*** her and she nodded and said f*** me here!
    I was a bit worried about my wife being there but she is a heavy sleeper after drinking so I slid up behind Caroline and slid my c*** inside her from behind! It was mind blowing s******* her with my wife next to us! I f***** her for a while then came inside her!
    Before she left she gave me an amazing b******* then I f***** her again this time on the floor!!
    We all slept on the couches and I f***** her a few more times that night!
    A night I will never forget!!!

  • I've done it I've f***** Caroline and what a h**** b**** she was!!

  • Sorry to keep asking questions but what you have going on is so interesting and just f****** amazing. Does Doreen know about you and Phyllis? And does Phyllis know about you and Doreen? I guess what I'm asking is: are they treating it like a competition? With each one trying to outdo the other? Do they ask you not to go to the other but spend all your spare time with them? Do they hate having you go home to the wife? Do you have phone s** with any of them while you're at home with the wife and the family? I wish my wife had friends like yours does!!

  • Ask as many questions as you like m8. Doreen and Phyllis don't know a thing about each other! Only Phyllis has said anything about going back to my wife and that was she wanted me to go home and f*** her hard but think of her all the time I f***** her. She told me everything she wanted me to do to my wife and I must admit it made it a good f***! I haven't had phone s** as such but Phyllis had sent me texts and pictures when she knows I'm with my wife. Doreen only texts me during the day when she knows my wife is at work! When I f***** Doreen yesterday she wanted me to be rough with her and she filmed it on her mobile and sent me it later saying I bet Kerry (my wife) is not as good a s*** as me!! She is so right!!

  • So.......is Doreen the best s*** of the batch? My guess is that it's so: just something about that coyness and hidden filth in that prim and proper s***! Well done, mate.

  • I don't know if Doreen was the the best s*** because I wasn't expecting it but she was a really great s*** but so is Phyllis. I have shagged both of them again today and have to admit although Phyllis is the dirtiest I was more turned on s******* Doreen!! I am going to a party tonight and all three will be there and my wife! Should be interesting!!

  • DAMN, DUDE! YOU ARE THE M************ MAN!!!

  • Doreen is the bomb! Get with that!

  • Another update on my situation! While all is going well on the Phyllis front who I am s******* at least once a week I have been shifting my attention onto Doreen! The thought of bedding her hasn't been out my mind then I got a phone call from her as her to see if I would have a look at her heating!
    When I went it was a hot day and she was out the back on the decking sunbathing. I went upstairs to check her boiler and could see her from the room window. I watched her for a while and all I could think off was f****** her!
    I checked her boiler and it needed a part which I had in the van so as I was walking back in from the van she asked if I would put some sun cream on her back which of course I was delighted to do.
    I rubbed it over her back and shoulders and under her bikini strap! I was so turned on and slowly rubbed up her sides to see how far I could go!
    I was almost touching her b****** when she said that they didn't need sun cream on them they need massage oil!!
    I instantly said go get it then and she got up and smiled as she went inside. I was now rock hard and wasn't sure what was going to happen. She then came back into the kitchen and gave me a bottle of oil. I undid her bikini and started massaging her b******. She stood with a h**** grin!
    Without intending to I said to her I wanted to f*** her and she said her dad would be coming in shortly so if I wanted to f*** her we had to go upstairs and be quick!!
    We went upstairs and then said that she was going to f*** me!!
    I lay on her bed and watched as my c*** slid into her moist p****!!
    She was a great f*** and it wasn't long b4 I told her I was about to come.
    She then got off me and took my c*** deep into her mouth and I came inside her mouth. She swallowed every last drop!!
    She told me she hadn't been f***** for almost 6 months and that I can f*** her anytime!!
    I fixed her boiler and her dad was leaving then I f***** her again this time on the kitchen units!!
    She is such a good f***!!

  • Oh, yeah! That b**** is the total s***!!

  • i think doreen is hot piece. drop the other 2 -- and your wife -- and just work on hitting that s***. that b**** is a freak.

  • A little update on my situation. I banged Phyllis last night and we have agreed to meet up to f*** at least once a week in the nursery that she owns as I do the plumbing work there so we have a back up if we get seen!! I have also managed to finger off Caroline in a pub as my wife was sitting across from us and she told me she wants me to f*** her!! So only Doreen to work on now!!

  • I knew Phyllis would be the prime cut, and you are so luck that she wants the same thing you do. I don't even know her and I love her. Take VERY good care of her!

  • Doreen actually is the one that sounds the hottest. And I also think she is going to be the nastiest. All that pent-up sexuality hidden behind that prim and proper façade. I bet she's going to be the one you end up doing the most often. I think she's going to be just f****** filthy! Good luck, my man!!

  • I was giving her a lift home from our house one night as she had been drinking. On the way she started rubbing up the inside of my thigh and said sorry I shouldn't be doing this! I told her I knew that as I moved her hand up onto my k*** as a run my hand up her thigh to discover she had stockings on! I pulled over almost at her house and banged her in the car and she told me to keep her panties as a reminder. I dropped her at her door and she lifted her skirt up as I was leaving!! H**** b****!

  • DAMN! You should be hitting that about three or four times a week!!

  • h***..........he should be hitting three or four times A F****** DAY!

  • Jeez, if you don't start doing Phyllis, and I mean like this week, SEND HER TO ME! You've got all that wet, willing p**** right at hand and you're wasting it.

  • I'll get in line for Phyllis, too. She sounds hot!

  • Sounds sort of crazy to me, but I'd do my sister if she said yes.

  • phylis sounds like a hot piece and you should already be hitting that s*** wile you work on the other 2. with phylis you should make her keep count so you can be sure your getting more of that p**** than her husband is. make a competition out of it. but even if you start tapping the other 2 you need to still keep phylis as your number 1 and do her more than the others always.

  • I dont think its wrong to want to f*** them, actually f****** them....well i wouldnt have a problem with that either, if my wife had hot friends, i would be trying to bang them too. but i would make sure it was very discreet and try to be alone with these chicks as often as you can, i think that gives you the best chance at getting them

  • She came on to me one night we were out! She actually asked me into the ladies toilet to have a s*** on her wedding day!!

  • My question is how did you get Phyllis to bang you when you were married? I've been flirting with my wife's friends for a few months now and want to know how to bring it up (discreetly)

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