aboriginals scare me.

I know it's racist, but when I see one I just try to not look and walk by as fast as I can.

Every one of them ,apart from a few successful ones I've met, always smells and looks like they haven't showered EVER.

I feel sorry for them, but why the f*** don't they just stop drinking and get the f*** off the couch?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Me too! I was bullied by them in primary school when I lived in broome. I know how defensive and abused they are, and they hate to see anything that represents western world success, and the girls hate pretty girls. When I see one it makes me sweat and my heart pound like a true phobia. I wish I didn't have it, but obviously it stems from childhood. I was bullied by white boys, and I'm the same with preppy looking white guys(I'm Eurasian). They make me sweat and I feel like they hate me :( just childhood association.....

  • Thats the Aussie philosophy!

  • oh my god! i feel the same way!
    i was bashed by one in primary school, and the school couldnt do anything about it, otherwise they would claim that the school was being racist by punishing them. theres a few that live by my house, the have this tatty old couch that they pulled out on the front porch and they sit 8 people on it , smoking f*** and downing booze.....

    i went shopping and theres 15 people in this smashed-up shitmobile and they painted abo hands all over it like they were hippies or something...

    they waste our tax money!!
    the government lies about it but we 'normal' aussies are actually the lower class citizens.

    my friend works for housing trust and went on a home inspection after they forced coons out, it was sooo feral.

    they had trashed the stove and fridge and it was on their verandah, the house smelled like p***, and there were hundrerds of matresses on the floor.. then you go outside.... and these poor cats and dogs are rotting by their necks hanging on a knife blade wedged in the fence...

    seriously they do stink,,, like,, really bad....
    well, there some hardworking ones out there but thats like 1 in every ten thousand.

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