I have had my wife have s** with men. She was very shy and cold. Our s** life we good but it was not great. Then we went away for the weekend and we went to a bar. She had a few drinks and we met a guy and started talking. One things led to another and we were back in our room. After talking for a wile I told her to suck his c***. She said no. Our friend said come on do it. He took out his huge c*** and showed it to her. She was drunk but was ready to go. I could tell. All it took was a little push. I fingere f***** her in front of him. She protested but the. Said do me. So I stuck my c*** in her p****. Our friend was playing with his c*** in. Chair watching us. I whispered to her to suck his c***. She said no in a whisper. I picked up speed and she went wild. I motioned to him to come over and stick it in her p****. He came over I pulled out and he stuck it in. As I said he was big. She opened her eyes real wide and let out. Moan. I stuck my c*** in her mouth and we f***** her front and back. At one point we DP her and she went wild. He got off of her and went to the bath room. I did not know till a little bit later he called a friend who came to our room. When he came ha I he told me. When his friend came over he brought a guy. The four of us f***** the s*** out of my wife. We each took turns on her p**** and her ass and mouth. The we all jerked off in her mouth and face.
We took a break then started again. We drilled her every hole four hours.
They sleeped in our room. The next morning when she got up she said to me I told you I did not want this. I said well you did not stop it. She said you want a s*** then ok. She took a of us on first thing in the morning and did everything all over agan. That was the first night we were at the hotel. After that we never left the room other than to go out to eat. But our friend came back and so did his friends. New friends and the first two guys. The next night we gang anger her. It was me and I think six other guys. She loves it. So she says.

May 28, 2013

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  • you'll find out what you have started. She won't ever be satisfied with one man, especially you. I suggest you two should join a swingers club if you want to stay together and still have multiple partners. It's safer than a constant flow of strangers. Be careful of what you wish might just get it...

  • You have made a s*** out of your wife. what an ass you are. she will eventually wise up and leave you. She has figured out that she can get c*** anytime she wants. She doesn't need you anymore. If she doesn't leave you, she will be cheating on you whenever she has the chance. Or you will not respect her any more - if you ever did.

  • True daat

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