Maintenance man

That one day when my maintenance man of my apartment complex came over to fix something he was about to leave and all of a sudden we started making out. This led to me sitting on the couch while he went down on me. Then he left. The other day we ended up having s**. He finished inside me. It felt great but I don't want him to lose his job if we get caught so I don't think we should do that again.

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  • Superb I hope you let him f*** you again.. and it will be even more exciting for both of you if you are married... nothing like f****** a married woman... you would have loved him shooting his load in you as well.. good luck.

  • So u luv him.. lol

  • Awesome.Have fun.I'm a maintenance man myself.Had a bit of fun a few months ago with a young single mum who thought she had to pay me.She couldn't find her money,so I said I'd come back later that day,but I'd settle for a b****** for a discount.To my surprise she said yes.I dropped my pants and she gave me damn good 15 minute suck.
    I came back that evening and she said she couldn't afford it so as she had no BF I suggested s** as full payment and she was up for that.I spent the next hour pounding that milfs p****.When I left she said thanks,she loved it.I may even ask her out now.



  • As long as you two are careful about when and where you guys hook up, u should be dont be telling people either

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