Valentines Day

I hate Valentines Day. I don't know why my girl Makes such a big deal about it every year. I don't love her more or less on Valentines Day than I do any other year, But every year it falls on my shoulders to provide her with a "Romantic" Afternoon. MANDATORY. Its soooo much pressure for me, and we always fight about it every year! What can I do???

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  • A romantic afternoon or evening doesn't have to be a big, expensive event. It's the thought that counts. Sometimes the most romantic things are the sweet little things you do for her. Those will be the things that she'll remember. Plus anything you plan for her will be a surprise.

  • All girls want their boyfriends to do something spontaneous and romantic for them occasionally. Just humor her, because you're not going to find a girlfriend that doesn't expect you to do SOMETHING. Buy her some flowers, make her dinner, and watch one of her favorite movies with her. Girls really aren't that hard to figure out.

  • Find a more reasonable girlfriend.

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