How do I get my husband to work out? He's too skinny.

I am quite a gym rat and my husband has no interest in any kind of workout or exercise at all. He is way too skinny for a guy and would certainly benefit from joining me at the gym occasionally.

How can I motivate him? Is there a playful way for me to show him that I have developed a lot more strength than him (I'm sure i have). I have also been doing some kickboxing and karate classes which I don't think he even knows.

Any suggestions on how I can motivate him? I'm not trying to be mean or vain. Maybe pick a play fight and put him in his place playfully?

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  • He doesn't exercise at all?? Where are all the concern trolls to berate him about his health? Oh wait, you said he's skinny.

  • And a guy. It's ok if guy's are fat

  • Suggest, but don't tell him. Ever think maybe, while you're being a gym rat and working out, he's working and providing? My guess is, you don't work, the gym is your life, and he's out there busting his ass to pay for it, and, you. I know several women like that; All about "their workout", which is fine..However, while they're being Miss Spandex at the gym, their husbands are working, making money, and being responsible for their families. Suggest you work out together, don't show him up, just show him what you do...Be a partner, not barker.

  • S** s** s** a man will go though fire if s** is on the other side lol.

  • One: He needs to realize you're stronger than him to shock him into action. Two: He needs to think you're unaware of this fact so he doesn't feel emasculated. Three: He'll have to go to the gym on his own for a while, at least until he catches up with you. The last thing a guy wants is to go to the gym and get shown up by his wife.

  • Try kicking him in the b****,stand over him and say.stand up for yourself.

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