Not attracted to my wife anymore

I'm not attracted to my wife anymore. She is 33 and I am 36. I have always maintained a good level of physical fitness. I enjoy lifting weights and doing outdoor activities. When I met my wife she was really good looking. She wasn't perfect,but who is.. We only had one child, but after she gave birth, she never tried to lose any of the weight. She went from 135lbs to 200lbs and she still weighs about 200lbs. I actually do love my wife very much.. I've tried to ask her if she would diet with me, or if she wants go to the gym with me but she never does. I really just want her to be healthy..

Fact is, I'm simply not attracted to her anymore. When we have s** it's actually not very enjoyable for as she is rather heavy. The other issue is, I'm surrounded by beautiful women at the gym, I'm not a bad looking guy and I already know a few women that would be willing to let me hit if I wanted to.. The temptation is always there and it **.

How do I tell her how I feel without making me sound like a dirt bag?

Dec 19

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  • My wife is also curvy, but she's still beautiful and the mother of my child. She's a wonderful person inside and out. Weight doesn't stop her being the amazing person I met and married.

    I feel sorry for your wife, if you are so obsessed with only looks and weight.

    Here's some words of advice: I know a guy who was in a similar situation a few years back. He kept jumping ship over looks and other vain/material things. Well, he ended up sad and alone now, with his own "good looks" fading. Saying that though, those beautiful women at the gym are probably vain and material too, so might work out - for a while!

  • You are a dirt bag. She is the mother of your child

  • I’ll take her. ** she can even put on another 100+ and I’d still take her. Fat chicks are fun.

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