SexTeacher dreams and fantasies male teacher, female student (me)

I have this teacher and well, I completely admire him and he is happily married with a kid but I can't help my mind wondering, thinking about him all the time. I always liked him but one lesson he sat next to me and it just clicked like there was chemistry there. We are both really geeky so we just get on extremely well and he gave me a book. Since then I moved to the front of the class and was always talking to him and helping him with putting away equipment so it was just alone (once a friend said i dont know if i can trust you two (he knew nothing about my fondness for him)) and I'd always put my head around the door and say hello as often as I could. I'd also have a really dirty mind so that was funny (like one time he said I have a massive head and I just fell on the floor laughing so hard and he just said you dirty girl!) (usually I'm very mature but that just got me) i cant stop making up sexual scenarios between the two of us that are just really arousing and quite frankly really hot (like one where we snuck into the supply closet just after lessons and him carrying my round the room pushing me up against the shelves all hot and passionate or doing it in his classroom and shoving all the stuff off his desk) . Then at prom we took a picture together, he put his arm around me and I felt all tingly. We were also talking for about an hour until I went inside because it was cold and he said 'ill see you later' then he came looking for me later on to say goodbye when we hugged and he said 'keep in contact yeh'. So yeh. Me and my friend were always kinda competing to be his favourite but I was always the more intellectual one.

I also had a dream that he gave me a sausage :/ I looked it up and it indicated that there was sexual tension between us

So basically I was wondering,
•was the sexual tension just on my part or both parts
•would he have fantasised about me too
•should I have done anything about it
•is it normal and ok

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  • That's totally normal. And very common. Personally I think he was just being nice. I've been in your situation before, and when you think someone is that awesome and good looking, then you tend to analyze every little thing they do, looking for a response you want back. Even if you were legal, I wouldn't act on it, just because you don't want to mess up his family...

  • Just don't act on your feelings until you graduate, or he will get in a lot of trouble legally if he responds

  • Its completely normal. i had fantasys like yours about my teacher too.

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