Cant get her out of my head

Im a married guy, 25 years.
we met this couple through some family events,
and eventually became friends with this couple.
I felt immediately attracted to his wife which i have now known for ten years.
now every day i think of her
she is fifty,im 52, but she has the looks of a 25 year old,very nice body.
whenever i visit she rushes to greet me and tries to make conversation in a very friendly way inviting ms drinks.
i see her husband ignoring her, he is always with his mates having partys and getting smashed out of his brain.
if she wants to go to the beach he doesnt go with her, she has to go with friends, they never seem to do anything together,
i love my wife but i also have deep feelings for this very nice woman.
all the kids have left the nest,mine and hers.
i am afraid to tell her how i feel about her as it could push us apart if she is not interested and it could cause problems in both families way down the line, as all our relatives of both sides are friends, but whenever i see her i just feel like jumping on top of her.
i just dont know what her reaction would be


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  • It sounds like your wife married a man who didn't truly love her. True love would never allow such feelings become such a huge part of you.

  • From you comments it sounds like she is into you. I would say go ahead and tell her how you feel, if you are interested in doing something about it.

  • It's okay to be a big part of someone's life without getting romantically involved. You probably already know that, but I'm giving you permission. Sometimes being given permission for things makes them easier. I don't know about you, but there are a lot of people in my life that I'm ridiculously attracted to that I'm friends with, and nothing more. But maybe I'm just a hopeless crusher :> But really, if you have feelings for her, you should talk about it with your wife AND with her. If it's mostly just sexual... still, talk about it if you think it's safe to. Maybe your old lady is more open-minded than you know! :]

  • I have the same problem. Does she flirt at all? Give you any indication that she may be even somewhat interested? I just said f*** it and told my wife's friend how i feel, she says it's not awkward and it's ok, but when I asked her if she felt the same she said she didn't wanna talk about it... so I'm not sure

  • Sounds like she is attracted to you but doesn't want to act on it. be available and make a pass when you are alone with her; I bet she will respond positively.

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