iIm a 23 year old woman and I

iIm a 23 year old woman and I m********* every day more than 3 times a day, I also love to watch p****, is that normal?

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  • Yea its normal. Its healthy to know your body and make yourself feel good!

  • Works for me

  • As long as it doesn't interfere with the rest of your life!

  • wow there is a female version of me out there some where awesome

  • Thank you! for admitting it, for once a girl can say they m*********.... jesus christ they act so naive

  • not at all...5 to 6 times is more like it. You got some catching up to do

  • Yeah!

  • Masturbation is fine! It's better than being a slutty girl who hooks up with any and every guy and it's safe. Do what makes you feel good!

  • Some statistic says "Half of teenage girls m********* regularly, and 75 percent will do so before their 18th birthdays." But I think it's bullshit.

  • If you as me, your current rate is unhealthy, you should start doing it more, lots more.

  • lets hook up....

  • its normal for a female, they don't have anything else to do.

  • you deserve better then your actions right now. Go out and meet some people... develop close relationships with people. When those amazing life experiences like friends, love, happiness are met... you won't feel the need to fulfill inner desires. And then you won't need to m*********. Go out on an adventure! Have fun in more fulfilling ways!

  • Tell me, is this formal for women?

    All guys ~14+ do it, but what's the statistics for women?

    As a guy, this is relevant to my interests.

  • Yes.

  • yep! unless you forego your usual routine just to m*********.

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