I'm in love with my best friend, and it

I'm in love with my best friend, and it pains me. I told him two days ago and he just shrugged it off as if it doesn't matter. We have history, so much, and I just wish that he would realize that I'm not just saying that because I...want him to feel comfortable around me again. You see, we just kind of became friends again after a month hiatus. He had to "test me", just to see if it wasn't a dare that I had come back to him. After that, he told me he missed me in one of those open ended ways. He IS my weakness, and that is a lot for me to admit. I walk around like I have a S on my chest; I'm supposedly this perfect person who does everything perfectly and is never afraid of anything, but oh boy -- people just don't even know. I worry about things that I have no control over. I feel for people that I don't even know, but I'm a b****... I'm an ass hole, a j*** -- I'm heartless and uncaring. I'm cruel to those that I dislike... But I love my enemies?

I guess this confession is longer than I expected it to be. Basically, I want my best friend to see me in the light that I see him. He's perfect for me. He's handsome, a beautiful personality, and he's just...the opposite of ME which is wonderful. We're both arrogant and frosted with hubris toppings. hehe.

I also have a crush on this dude.... He liked me and then he didn't, which caused me to have a mega b**** fit and...attack him. He stares at me now, and sometimes I wish those stares would be him..realizing that he can't live without me and that he's totally in love with me. I wish he would see me and know that I am the one he wants to be with, just so I can break his heart....again(?)

and I'm a guy; my best friend is straight... and the dude I like is...bisexual, or at least he was..for me.

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  • Well, in this case, I have to agree with f** alert!

  • Grammar Check == This s*** is, too, damn long. Shut the f*** up you gay f***. Good job, f** alert.

    Now, have a F****** nice day!

  • F** Alert !

  • shut up about the f** alert, thats just plain dumb.

  • Get over it, kid, your friend's not gonna swing your way.

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