I have a crush on my history teacher

I'm a normal 17 year old bloke who goes to a regular old school in North Queensland. But at my school I've got this history teacher that's really really cute, but what the f*** am I going to do? Sometimes can imagine her calling me to her office and then her wanting to give me a b******. IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME? Please help!!!!
Ps I also have a girlfriend so like wtf

Aug 7, 2013

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  • Amen! I wanted to lay my English teacher on her desk, rip her panties off and such her c*** and c*** till her head caved in. I had a GF that during the course of our relationship through high school swallowed gallons of my c** and f***** me to near unconsciousness...but she never knew that I had the hots for that English teacher.

  • There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. I can't even tell you how normal that is. You can bet that most of your friends think an older person is attractive, regardless of if they admit it. Although your puberty is winding down, you're still full of hormones, so like all teenagers, your thinking about s** a lot, trying to discover yourself, and what you like. The only reason that this could ever be wrong is if you ever tried to act on it. She probably has a boyfriend and is an over age adult, and you have a girlfriend and are underage still. So those dont mix. But don't feel bad for thinking your teacher is hot.

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