I'm married but I still have a crush on

I'm married but I still have a crush on the girlfriend I had in high school. We talk online occasionally and everytime I get the same excited feeling I'd get right before she'd come over and we'd hang out when we were both 17. I want to tell her I like her, but she really broke my heart in high school. I love my wife and she is the one I'm really meant to be with, I know this in my heart, but for some reason I can't completely get over my ex.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • think about your wifes feelings.
    this is probably just a temporary want. i mean yes those were good times and yes, you like this person but you ultimatly love your wife.
    you know its not worth s******* your life over with.

  • Don't do it I did now i have been in an affair for 2 years. Run as fast as you can becasue I know my husband is the real one now but I don't know how to get out of the mess I am in and yes I love my first love and will always but that is why they call it ex. Do not get together it IS a mistake trust me.

  • I have the same feeling as well! I'm married and I talk occasionally online with my ex and I still get excited when I talk to him! He also broke my heart and I love my husband than anything in this world, but I still can't get over the memories that I had with my ex!! This feeling is normal, but I so want to get rid of it because I love my husband and I don't want to trade him for anything else in this world....

  • you have to f*** her at least once to get over her.

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