I dont know

I hate the question "what do you like to do" because i never have an answer for that. I have no interests because i dont have the motivation for anything.
i am introverted and have major trust issues. since i dont confide in anyone about my problems or feelings, i have learned to ignore them and just feel numb.
i thought that writing this out would help me in some way. i just want to be ok

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  • Maybe you could think about starting a private journal. online or offline. tell the journal about your feelings, just make sure no one can see it except you. that always helps me.

  • Simply writing it out is not going to help you. You have to be willing to face your feelings. Even if it means you are going to be s*** on by a bunch of people you want to like you. Showing your feelings, getting hurt over it, and then moving on is the only way to go forward.

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