I told my boyfriend that I have one

I told my boyfriend that I have one rule about p***: either watch it only when I'm not home, or include me when you're watching it. I think that's pretty fair, but he still watches it sometimes when I'm in the shower and p***** me off. He doesn't know that I know. I check his history sometimes when he hops into the shower and sure enough, it's full of p*** even though I've only been in the shower for 15 minutes.

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  • lol let him watch teh pr0ns by himselfs, its prolly embarrasing doin it in front of you or wutevs cuz he doesn't wunt u 2 kno bout hiz fetishez

  • we care though

  • What rules does he get to set?

  • B****, he's not interested in you when he's watching p***!
    He's interested in the w**** who can take a savage 12inch c*** in her ass while yelling " f*** me daddy "
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but when he f**** you, he's thinking about her.

  • lol natural instinct. k yeah guys do look at p*** but just cuz of that doesnt mean that its unfair to not like it when ur home, ur being fair enough its not like ur saying he cant see it at all. confront him.

  • Who cares if he's lookin at p***? He's a guy, they all do it. I dont care what they say. Also, maybe if you didnt make it so "forbidden" to watch it when you're home or not around then he wouldnt be so tempted to go against your wishes. It's just a natural instinct

  • K i think ur rule is fair enough i think u should confrnt him i know i wouldnt like my bf to look at p*** at all.

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