We were supposed to move and our life

We were supposed to move and our life was going to get better. We've been here almost two years and we haven't got to do ANYTHING. NOTHING. I am trying so hard and can't seem to make things budge and I am so angry and frustrated and resentful I just want to punch a hole in the sky. THIS is NOT the LIFE I am CAPABLE of. I'm better than this and I deserve- WE DESERVE- BETTER!!!!! I'm so angry right now I just want to strangle , punch, kick, hit, fight, bite....WTF is going on. And I am SICK of the fact that everything I truly want has to be a struggle. I don't mind having to work for things- but I hate feeling like I'm going through life with concrete shoes. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS F@#$#^& HARD. All I want to do is some good things in this 80-some years out of eternity that I have to be here. and what do I get- a hassle at every F@#$^% turn. My life is...constipated. So much work for a few tiny pebbles of $hit. What the h*** do I have to do to get it flowing? Where is the answer- the ENEMA- for my life???

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  • This is a comment to the actual confession:

    I totally understand you! I feel the EXACT same way! This could have been my confession, seriously! I get frustrated when I feel like no matter what I do, s*** just stays the same, but I guess if I didn't have to work hard for what I have, it wouldn't mean as much!

  • Crack too !

  • Heroin works too.

  • ^^ F** Alert!!

  • like i said how would u hurt my feelings? Your obviously a moron.

  • F** Alert !! LOL

  • » uh how would u hurt my feelings, im not the one that posted the confession? so get a life.

    ^^ WWWAAAHHH, wow you b****** here are so f****** whiny...
    Are you upset? Does it hurt? lol stupid b**** ! ^^

  • uh how would u hurt my feelings, im not the one that posted the confession? so get a life.

  • » stop commenting stupid stuff 1st commenter.. lolol
    Why did i hurt your feelings whiny b**** !

  • stop commenting stupid stuff 1st commenter.

  • AWWWww it's ok...Heres a solution, take a 38 snub nose put it in your mouth and just pull the trigger...
    Really its that easy.

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