I lay in bed at night and pray that i

I lay in bed at night and pray that i won't wake up in the morning. That I will just get to die in my sleep. I hate my life, and I could never cause my family the pain that they'd have to endure if I killed myself.....so, instead of commiting suicide I pray for death to come quickly. I keep waiting.....

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  • Do you know how many people go to bed each night and think the same thing? He just laughs at you when you ask that anyway and then gives you more crap to deal with for asking in the first place!

  • That is called being a coward.

  • Go to google.com and type in "suicide hotline." Call the first 800 number u see!!!

  • please call the nearest suicide hotline ,I hope you check back on the comments here and haven't done anything to yourself.If your a teenager and are still in school go to someone a trusted teacher or even tell your parents.Please it is a long term solution to a short time problem.Depression is serious please get help.

  • ^^ Oh boy bleeding hearts again...

    F** Alert !!

  • what a f***** up thing to say to someone obviosuly upset, get a brain f*******, no-one wants to recieve comments like that.

    get a clue.. why come on this site if you're just going to make hurtful comments. Pathetic moron

  • You whiny b**** just kill yourself and all problems will be resovled.

  • i know how you feel.. my family dont believe in depression they think that its a cop out.

    I hope that you have someone in your life to help you through this.. and if not, may you take comfort in the fact that with each day you wake up, althoug hyou hate your life, someone else is probably jealous of you. To the world you are one person, but to one person you may just be the world...

  • Run away with me instead. We can be happy

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