I'm not a pervert.

As of the day of this posting, it was game day in gym. We played capture the flag, but with two footballs on each side. So there was one round where I was playing defense and these two girls from the opposing team were in front of me in the safe zone. (I'm in 8th grade by the way) I started moving to block Girl A from passing the ball the other girl, and she threw it right as I reached in to tag her out. I ended up hitting her dead center in the chest. I sprinted away chasing after the other girl saying "f***, s***, f***," the whole way. I swear I didn't intentionally do it, I just had the intention of tagging her out, I didn't do it out of perversion. I'm ashamed of it, and I wish it hadn't happened.

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  • Somebody has really twisted your way of thinking, there was nothing wrong with what you accidentally did I'm sure, and even if you did it intentionally it's still nothing to get all bent out of shape about by thinking you're some kind of pervert when in reality sexual attraction is an natural part of human intimacy however it could be considered disrespectful, insensitive and rude for trying to cop a fill or not excusing yourself for accidentally brushing, groping someone in such a personal area of there body as you did but other then that don't beat yourself up over it...your not a pervert and anyone who would call you that is the real pervert. your still young don't let the societal way of thinking put a guilt trip on you.

  • Thanks, that really helped, and like I said, my first instinct was just just to tag her out. In fact, something similar happened about a week or so before this. I think we were playing this game called ten pass, and I often reached out in front of the player from the other team (who coincidentally was also a girl) to block any passes to her. I brushed up against her several times, and she made a comment about it later, but it's gym, things can get rough sometimes.

  • The fact that it bothers you so much indicates that there is some unconscious desire to repeat that process again some day.

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