I was at my GF's house, and the remote on the TV needed new batteries. I was digging through a draw, and found an envelope marked Spring Break. I opened the envelope to look at the pictures, at first most of the photos were her and her best friend on the beach. Well, after a few there were photos of her, and her best friend nude. WOW! That was a surprise! However, the next photo was her best friend sucking on her t**! The photos got more explicit, after that, they were basically performing oral s** on one another, and others with them grinding on each other. I never knew she was Bi, she never has said anything about it. I don't know if I should tell her that I found these pictures, or just ignore it all together. This was long before we ever started dating.

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  • TAKE IT UP THE A******

  • You shouldn't be snooping in her drawers so keep your mouth tight.

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