I can't get over her.

I'm currently in my freshman year of college. Back in high school there was this one girl that I found to be the most beautiful person I had ever met. Well I never told her I liked her. Mainly because when I was going to she had a boyfriend.

When senior year came around we spent a lot of time together. However she was dating a person that honestly had no personality. I wanted nothing more than to take her away from him (especially since he hurt her in the end). During grad bash, I saw a fun side of her that I fell even further in love with.

Now I've told her my feelings and I even believe that she has similar feelings for me too. We are now in different parts of the state. I would be willing to hold a long distance relationship with promising her time together. But now it comes to mind if I should be so bold and actually ask her.

So my posed question is this: Should I ask her and worry about straining a fantastic friendship or stay as nothing more than friends?

Oct 25, 2013

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