How many, answer

I'm a 22 year old female and have had give or take 30 sexual partners. Does it count if we used a condom and no oral? Maybe then I can lower my number? lmao. anyway what's your age, s**, and number?
if you're around my age for sure answer this, how many? & do I have you beat? is your number as high as mine?

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  • A large, used and loose v***** is absolutely disgusting and revolting, and you cant hide under the 'im a virgin' banner, because men will know that you are lying straight away......yuck, what a turn off.......i can assure you, there are women twice your age that have slept with very few men but they probably look twice as good as you in sexually

  • If you feel like you're such a s*** that you have to make up ways to discount a partner, so that you feel better about yourself, then don't be such a s***. close your legs once in a while. If you started at 16, that's 5 customers per year, plus any that you've chosen not to count, cuz they only did you in the ass, or you didn't swallow. That number could skyrocket. I'm sure there's a girl thats had as many partners as you may have. She probably works her corner 3 nights a week.

  • You are a very used s*** for the age you have. By the age of 30 your v***** will be so large that no one will have pleasure by having s** with you. I am sure that you look older than you really are and when you will be 30 you will look like a very used 45 years old.

    I kind of feel sorry for you.

  • If Natasha (Kissless) is there I'd like to chat with you. Mark x

  • Your a s***

  • You have already done this and not responded

  • Your s** life does not matter to anyone else and it doesn't make you "better" than anyone else.

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