How many?

I'm a 22 year old female and have had give or take 30 sexual partners.
Does it count if we used a condom and no oral? Maybe then I can lower my number? lmao.
anyway what's your age, s**, and number?

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  • 22 WF close to 50 men

  • 23 wf 300+ men maybe 40+ women and we wil not be discussing "others." ;-)

    My dominant hs bf got me started. He made me bring my gfs to him, watch and clean them after. Total turn on.

    Then he started with his friends, casual encounters, and finally older men I mean like 40+ years older. They turn me on the most because they totally worship me. They have a harder time getting it up, and I love to suck, then they last for ages and when I do a group of them, it goes on for hours.

    Ladies try triple penetration with a group of older guys. now my best of that group was in the mid 40s to mid 50s about 15 men and took an entire weekend. The absolute best.

    bf has a new gf, but when he calls, I answer.

  • You sound similar to my wife. She had around 30 when she was 21. And no, it doesn't bother me at all. All that experience has made her an unbelievable f***.

  • 40BF I've been with 132 men. 1 female. 15 a*** and over 100 no condom. I'm still going so this number will probably go up real soon. I'm married but I cheat on him daily. I'm a true s***!

  • 16 wf 14 guy all older (like way older) except my bf he is 18.

  • 32 mwf 75 men alot were after I got married. I have been with alot of females also but I dont count them.
    I am not counting sucking c**** either. That would be a terriably high number.

  • Im 43f and been With 112 guys, and a few females.


  • You are truly, truly, truly an amazing woman. And I would love to be your 113th. :)

  • i want you too

  • ditto here. i dont care how many you have had or ever have. i just want to be ONE of them. GOD you sound so so so great!!

  • I'll be happy to be 114. Or 115. Or 189. Or 247. Or whatever.

  • 22f. 9 partners. None at present.

  • When you find someone that you want to start a real relationship with , never tell the truth , what matters is "Love " and leave the past in the past . what matters is your future together

  • 18m. 0 partners other than myself.

  • 17f. 2 partners. :(

  • 27 male, indian. 8 partners.

  • Where do u live.. Intrested in meeting an indian guy

  • I call shenanigans.

  • 25m and I have only been with 5 girls.

  • 19f with 18 partners all guys

  • 27f. one guy, who i started dating at 18 and married when i was 20.

  • 17f. 3 guys. but i only love 1 of them.

  • 20f. 6 female partners. no men dont like them their gross.

  • You are an amazing person and I will not judge a person's character by how many or few partner a person has.

  • Bi male 50, 80 womwen and 45 men

  • i guess i am at the low end of the scale since i am 39f and only 6 men lifetime.

  • I'm a 31yo married female, and I've had eighteen partners. If this was for attribution, I wouldn't tell you this next bit, but since it's all anonymous, I'll admit that thirteen of them have been since my wedding nine years ago. As you can tell from that, I'm not getting everything I need at home, so I roam.

  • I'd like to f*** you

  • 26f. 11 partners. all men. all older then me.

  • How much older?

  • youngest was 30. he was third on the list. oldest was 52. he was second to last (well....the one right before the one i am with now, who is 45).

  • Your a sexy lady, I'm 55 and would love a sexy woman like you to f***? Patrick x

  • If there was penetration -- oral, vaginal or a*** -- it counts, whether or not you used any protection. Congratulations! It's official! You're a w****!

  • Nope, not at all. Virginity used to be put onwomen because they were percieved as "less than human" and should be "taken advantaged of", know your history. Having consented s** does not make anyone less than human. S*** shaming is wrong.

    Just because a person never had s** does not mean they are "better" than people who have/had/likes s**.

  • Don't beat yourself up honey. Having s** is a perfectly normal, wonderful gift of life. If your not having it, you're not living. It's a wonderful thing so have as much as you can. Don't listen to these a******* here who degrade you for it. That's their bullshit religious brain washing and their jealousy talking. They call sweet girls names so they can feel better about their pathetic (no s**) lives. One behalf of the men you pleasured, I love you for it. My only regret in my 59 years is the beautiful women I could have made love to that I didn't. Have all the s** you can have safely and to h*** with the a******* who wish they were you. What I would give to be 22 again and be able to love everyone and anyone. I would do everyone in site id I were you, just as I did before. I'm your biggest fan baby girl. Give it all you've got.

  • Hey e-mail me bob_crack at yahoo dot com we can go from there ; )

  • They all count you little w****. I Mark 58 and f***** lots lick you. If you want to f*** send your number.

  • I think its great, keep up the good work. I love that my wife has slept around!!!!!!!!

  • I am a 46 year old male, and have had 115 sexual partners (I kept a list, but may have missed one or two).

    This happened mostly in my 20's and 30's. Not so many in recent years, but I use to be beautiful, so it was easy to get lucky back then. ;)

  • U used to be beautiful?

  • Don't get me wrong, I'm still cute, but at 46 I am not the total looker I once was. ;)

  • Some guys will be intimidated by your experience. Be modest about your past and don't give it away on the first date (or they'll make assumptions) and you won't scare them off.

  • You can't dent we live in a misogynist world where the sexist standard of s** still exist in the world today. Back then when people thought LGBT people were "abnormal". I'd say she shouldn't care about those people since women shouldn't be pleasing anyone.

  • *deny

  • Hace consented s** because you want to. Should we please people? We won't be controlled nor will men AND WOMEN will stop. S** does not determine a person's worth!

  • You have me beat by light years. Me: age 64, dork male, one sexual partner in my entire life.

  • I think that its about time i replied to this section, I am male, now 78 and still going strong and have so far had the pleasure at the last count of 310 ladies spread over some years nearly always wore a condom and only had verginal s** but oral without one i should liked to have tried a*** s** but the ladies i have known i thought may not even have liked to think about it let alone do it maybe i was to naive that way.
    Anyone else like me out there?

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