There's not a day that goes by that I

There's not a day that goes by that I don't look at myself in the mirror and say "I hate you"

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  • Have you ever noticed pretty ppl are usually dumb and mean but the ugly ones tend to be the nicest and most caring

  • Don't look in the mirror. Seriously. Some/many people arm't overly attractive but in appearance issues we are our own worse critics. Attitude is everything and I am not talking about confidence or cockiness I am talking about self. Don't hate yourself. Accept who you are not what you look like and be happy with that. It will take time but the time will pass anyway so get started now. While avoiding yourself in the mirror for a while think about what you don't like about what you see. If it is weight, acne, general looks...whatever. Don't look in the mirror again until you expect to see a difference in what you are avoiding. It works. You will find yourself thinking about either the physical change or acceptance if what you can't and it gets easier to look again because you will actually change for the better. Sometimes its unavoidable to look in one but you can look away and can comb your hair and brush your teeth without too much an issue. You will learn to look away as long as you are thinking of why you look away. It is like the joke with the doctor. Patient says, 'doctor, it hurts if I do this." Doctor says, "don't do that."

    So what of people think you are a mess because you already ready think that so for a little while just accept it. Give up. Avoid looking. I gurantee you will win in the end. I went about 6 months without looking in a mirror for the express purpose of looking at myself. My attitude changed and so did how I saw what bothered me- buck teeth and acne. While I wasn't looking at me I was putting into practice better habits and though I still ddin't like my teeth I realized the people I saw with teeth similar were happy anyway. They smiled. I didn't think they were weird. Why would they think I am? At 25 I had them ground down maybe 2mm. Minor change huge difference. S**** the jerks and ignore them. Good luck.

  • Do things that make you pretty

  • Ignore the stupid person above. His mother sure didn't raise him right-Apparently!!
    You will learn to love yourself--just take it step by step --little bit by little bit. Start with something you do pretty well and dwell on that good thing for a while! You can do it! You are worth loving ok!

  • I hate you too b**** !

  • Evil f*****!!!!!!!

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