lots of confessions.

i don't trust the people closest to me. i can never fall asleep, it drives me up the wall. i beat myself up over the slightest mistake. my parents hate me, literally. i hate myself, i can't even look in the mirror without crying. i question everybody's motives, and think they all have something to do with planning a conspiracy against me. i cut myself all the time, burn myself, bruise myself, i even starve myself sometimes. i shout profanities at myself when i do look in the mirror until i cry. i wish i could tell this to somebody instead of posting it on here.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You're an ASS.
    people have hung themselves for less than what you just said.
    to the writer: you might consider writing positive things about yourself in the mirror with an expo marker.
    If you cant think of any make some up---don't give up, and it will eventually help.
    Trust me.

  • ^ First time here?

    Read through some these confessions before you leave a comment again.
    And DEFINITELY do so before you post any confessions of your own.

  • Wow the person above is so inconsiderate. This is someone's life and someone's struggle...and u make bets?

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