Want to be cuckold

I always fantasy about me and my wife going to Nightclub and i convince her to wear shorts cloth to go for nightclub and when we reach there there are lots of people dancing and chilling so we decided to drink first and after drink we dance and enjoy and after sometime i dont find my wife nearby and search alot and find with stranger f****** her in bathroom.this fantasy always .turn on me.and in future i wana do this in real as well,

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  • My husband also had the cuckold fantasy. He told me about it and now we share it. We both love the way other guys stare at me as I tease them in different ways with or without my husband around. Our favorite is that I go braless. For example my husband finds out when some of his or my friends is alone to invite him over so it is only the three of us. I wear a shirt with ample cleavage and of course I don’t wear a bra. My nipples poke through the fabric and my breast jiggle. They can’t help staring. My husband leaves us alone for periods of time and they feel more confortable at doing it. Sometimes they get a b**** and I feel I get wet. Later in bed we share stories as we make love.

  • Hey guys i like to make friends with cuckold please email me at www.rezakolivand021@gmail.com

  • Please post things like this on naughtypost

  • I was Cuckold... we had a friend that met us in a hotel foyer.. i handed her over and saw them get into the lift.... An hour later i got a phone call to come back... went up to the room and opened the door... as i went in i could smell s**. both on the bed and her siting between his legs... he had his arms around her... she glowed... I had never seen her that content... he did have a 8 inch c***... mine is 3.3 inch erect..

  • I used to watch my cousin and ex girlfriend having s**. I am a watcher and loved watching my cousin fill her up with eleven inches. She had a big set of buns that all my friends and relatives wanted to be deep inside her. Man...I had given her a name to give a man an idea of who she was; I called her, sexgoddess for that very reason, men satisfied themselves inside her at the same time, she would be moaning a moan that would make all men c** prematurally. She moaned that good.

  • My email is enslegis1 at gmail dot com or two-one-eight, two-three-zero, one-three-eight-seven to txt stories to share.

  • I gave my wife permission to have s** anytime she wants to with whoever she wants to. She has only taken advantage of my offer twice as far as I know, LOL. The first time she texted me a pick of her sucking a d***, the second time I did not find out for weeks that it had happened. Totally hot. Been a long time now.

  • If she knowsyour fantasy and is ok with it make it a reality , or openly discuss it with her she may surprise you and say ok .

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