I'm so in love with you.. All last night my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest every time I looked up at you. Your everything and anything I could ever want. I'm never going to stop loving you, wanting you and needing you in my life. You can deny it or ignore this but you need to know that we are gunna be together and I won't stop trying, not bc the love I have for you satisfies me.. But bc I love you for everything you are and what you believe you can be.
I couldn't even feel like I lived this life right, if I didn't keep trying even if you never feel the same. I won't stop chasing my dream with you. I'm never settling for anything less.. I hope that one day I could be your dream too.


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  • Hey fktard why do u keep staring at me.I remember ma past life where u were ma bro.We were together.But in this life I m for someone else so keep hoping I'll be urs...Knock Knock...........its not goonna happen

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