my BF seems to have problems "keeping

my BF seems to have problems "keeping it up" while having s** with me. after this happening so much, its starting to make me feel like s*** and he eventually went to the doctors to see if they could solve the problem. weeks later and still no luck. im trying my best to be understanding in this situation, but it's really wearing on me and making me feel as if im not good enough. i am attractive and a lot of guys think so too, but still i feel as if im his problem... i don't get it? he constantly tells me that its not me, but i dont understand what it could be..he says hes extremely happy with me and wants to marry me, but i dont see myself getting married to someone who can't satisfy me, let alone make me feel like crap sexually. he's only in his mid 20's and i find it hard for him to already have ED. please, someone give me your advice, and don't answer with f** alert or you're ugly or some stupid crap...i really need help...this is eating at me. my sexual drive is now down to it's lowest point and i never feel good about myself and i feel as if him and i are losing our ''connection'' if you will.

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  • LOL Limp d***!

  • LOL. . .the people that are psoting about black women being better than women: If that is true, why so many interracial relationships??? I am a white woman, and my boyfriend is black. He would never leave me for a black (or any) girl, because I handle mines okay?? I show him things (not just sexually) that he has never seen/done before, and I do things (in bed) that a stuck up black girl wouldn't even think of! We always get dirty looks from black girls when we are out, and a few have actually been classless enough to say something! What man (any man blakc, white, asian) would want some loud mouth, welfare collecting, 3 baby daddy havin ass, ghetto b**** when he could have a classy, hard working, long haired woman with milky smooth skin like myself? I just get tired of all you b****** hating on white women, there is a reason that all your "good" men are with them!

  • We smell good!! Just ask Strom Thurmond(dig him up) & George Washington(dig him up too)...

  • colored women? oh my god, they call us black now and days. and if we smell bad, then why all your "crackers" if you will, still want some of this good stuff? Yea, we f*** way better than white women, and thats not racism because its true


  • Actually, if the lotions you have suspiciously start to disappear, your man is masturbating......

  • Makes you feel like s***? You obviously have no idea what your guy is going through. The fact that he is willing to man up and do something about it says so much about how he thinks of you. Your attitude sounds quite selfish, thinking that the problem must be you and getting frustrated over it. Keep seeking out medical treatment for it. (On a side note, you absolutely would not know if he was masturbating. Guys can hide this better than anything in the world)

  • *new commenter* I concider myself pretty hot, and a lot of guys seem to also, and I've had the same problem with the last few boyfriends...right in the middle of the act his d*** just mushes up ::comical noise here:: The most I could say to help solve the situation is give him head for a bit when he gets soft (if you use condems, take it off while you're sucking him off) then resume activity.
    If this doesn't work try having s** in a different position, or having him watch you m*********; you get the point. Sometimes you just need to change things up a bit.

    I hope things work out for you guys!!

  • Stay with him and do not leave him simply because he can't get it up. Help him get through the situation. In the long run, he'll be better for you than any other guy who can "satisfy" you sexually. I am sure with the right treatment, he'll be fine. Maybe he's insecure about himself, and just needs some reassurance. If he's nervous about his sexuality, then that could cause him to be limp. Be sure to try everything, but start with extremely OPEN communication. Make him feel completely at ease. Before you know it, he'll have an erection that will stuff you wild....:) Good luck.

  • -and the girl who said tae stuff about white women most of us do have a lot of loyalty and we dont have the largest sense of entitlement in the world their are just as many women from all races that are like that.

  • I understand how why feel that way because even if its not you it still can feel insulting.

  • (from the confessee)stop masturbating and save it for me? well you're a j******, we live and do everything together, i'm sure i'd know if he was masturbating.

    and uniquely a white woman thing? listen, i welcome criticism but not racism. I guess I was being bitchy when I said it must be me, and that he's not satasfying me. That was wrong on my behalf I admit, but you have to understand I was very confused and frustrated as I was writing that.

    To the first commenter- Thanks for the advice. The more I think about it, it is true that he admitted its him and actually went to the doctors, so I don't understand why I'm feeling this way. I'm sure it took a lot out of him to go and do that. I'm going to ask him about his fantasies.. I just don't know how to bring it up..but somehow I will. Thanks for your help, it really made me think twice and appreciate him so much more

  • Tell him to stop masterbating and save it for you.

  • second commenter, this is uniquely a white woman thing. they have no loyalty whatsoever and the largest sense of entitlement in the world. it's not ALL WOMEN. for the truth.

  • Good grief. He tells you it isn't you, he goes to try and get it seen about, he tells you he wants to marry you...and all you can do is selfishly say, "omg, it must be me or something, and he's not satisfying me" -- B****.

    If he said it isn't you, believe him. Damn women trying to pick everything apart to find some sort of 'issue' of it. I swear, you self-destruct your own relationships every time.

  • i think the fact that he admits that its not you, its him, and that he actually went to the doctor to tell somewhat of a stranger that he cant get it up, thats its really the truth. Im not a guy but im assuming that it takes a lot of b**** to do>>to admit that your "manhood" isnt working. Maybe you should ask him what he fantasizes about>> i bet you deep down hed know what could get him off>>even if you think its stupid, try it and maybe after things will be a little different??

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