I feel hated

Well a guy in my class is bullying me all the time and i cant stand that anymore. He has always something to say about what i say, like, he is always joking about me or laughing at me. Sometimes, he insults me for no reason, and it makes me really sad because i feel like im falling in love with him and i dont even know why... i just feel sad and empty and i wanna kill myself

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  • Just ONE guy is bullying you and you want to end it?? Good lord, what a pansy. Maybe killing yourself would be a good idea...

  • You need to report him bullying you.
    On ebay you can get secret spy cams that pick up voices too.
    So then you can prove you are being bullied.
    Or at least tell someone because he is nothing but a big head.
    And you are worth a lot more than him-so do not think about taking your life.
    There are phone video cams too-so use it if you have one and get this bullied away from you and everyone else.
    Let me know how you get on.

  • Your young and emotions are a crazy thing.. he's prob just a cheeky boy there's lots of them.. Trick is to use mind power and always remember to say ' s**** him anyway he's not perfect' flip the bird at him and just worry about doing u.. Before u know it your future self will wonder why u let it get to u so much.. Trust me.. Negativity can't rich a positive mind

  • Maybe he likes you and just has a really weird way of showing it. Some boys can be weird in high school, who knows. But whatever negative things he says or does, don't let it get to you. Just try your best to ignore it. Don't let this douche affect you. His words mean nothing. Rely on your friends and tell a teacher or counselor if it's just getting out of hand. If you are really contemplating suicide, please don't. Talk with someone. And please know this will pass.

  • This is true some boys act that way when they like a girl because they are too shy to approach her in a direct way. And the "Know this will pass" is so true. Sadly, many kids let a passing unimportant event ruin their lives when if they just didn't give up that event would hardly be a memory when they grew older.

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