Im engaged but cheat with my ex

I dont know why ive always wanted to be married...and i finally found the guy for me who actually wants to marry me ...but my ex boyfriend moved back into town and omg the s** with him was always amazing and the s** with my fiance is every night i go to my ex's house and have s** with him. it kills me inside and now im starting to feel like i dont want to be married anymore i just want to be free to do whatever i want....all my fiance does is sleep all day after work and im up till like 3am every night and i get really ex was always up with me and i love that...i feel like i should just get married just in case i dont have another opportunity and just be miserable...i just needed to confess this cuz its eating away at me.

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  • Hahahah what a flaming idiot. What the f*** you think was gonna happen of course its going to eat at you dumb b****. If he finds out i hope he f****** ruins you publicly and some one gets it on tape so all know who you are. The only thing you deserve is being some p***'s w**** on a f****** street corner.
    leave your f****** fiance so he can go find somebody worthy of him, since you clearly are not. And stay with your ex. don't worry the p*** and his boys will be by in the morning to collect his money.


  • Leave your fiance - your actually doing your fiance a favour.

    If your so madly in love with your ex, then go be with the ex - that SIMPLE!

  • I bet u have great moments with you fiancé am you do want to marry him cause I mean ur still there but seriously the ex part it all memories that keep taking u back n I tell u cause the Same thing almost happen tobme exept I didn't f** my ex everynight n my fiancé is actually good at s** but I mean what u needbis freedom and meet new guys don't jus stick to the first one that gives u a ring.

  • It's never too late to find a husband. If this guy isn't the one, and it sounds like he's not, just f****** dump him.

  • Sounds like my parents. I cut myself all through middle school. So have fun with paying for your kids' therapy.

  • Juts leave him and he will find someone who will not cheat on him...

    Just break up with him, w****, do your fiance a favor for once.

  • Your fiance works.So;he sleeps.that's normal.In my opinion,He is a good man but You are crazy.If you do not want to marry with him,please talk to him and leave.Imagine that you love him so much but he cheats you.How do you feel when you hear that?Please think him and do not cheat him.If you want to turn back to your ex-boyfriend,leave from your fiance please.You said "I do not want to be married anymore I just want to be free to do whatever I want".You had s** with your ex-boyfriend.According to you,it is amazing.You think that you can do everything when you are single.So marriage is not logical in this condition.In addition,you cannot be l*** for your fiance.His sexual intercourse is not amazing.And one thing,If you go on with your fiance,next time you will divorce because of this and you will look for an excuse.So,please,think carefully and do not cheat him,dear.

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