Oldef men

All my life I feel I've been attracted to older men. In elementary school it was someone a grade higher. In middle school it was my gym teacher and my science teacher. And now I am a junior in highschool and I love anyone 17 and older. Not like senior senior people with canes. But sometimes I have fantasies.. I wanna be sitting in a library and make eye contact with a handsome older gentleman and I want him to know.... then u want to meet him in a hotel, bathroom, closet ect., and I want him to just f*** the h*** out of me. Suck all over me and make me scream. No one would ever guess because of my social awkwardness and my social anxiety but I want rough hard s**. I want it from a man..

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  • I wish I could f*** you...

  • Good morning Renee,
    I am white, healthy, 49.
    I have been having sexual relationships with girls from 16 to 20 for some time now. I still find it amazing how well we get along! We seem to have so many of the same feelings about different things in life. I make sure we don't turn anything into the "exclusive relationship", since we usually just want a good time, then get back to our lives, so to speak.
    There have been a couple of girls that had a fantasy of type, one wanted to be abducted, and raped. We agreed to a night, but not the time. I had a hotel room already, and I waited for her to show up. She was just walking by, and out of the dark, I grabbed her, covered her mouth, and drug her into my van, (which I rented), drove her to my room, and when the "coast was clear", I took her into my room. I blindfolded her, and tied her hands (softly) to the bed posts, and carefully raped her repeatedly throughout the night.
    Before daylight, I took her back to where I picked her up, and released her. She never saw my face that night.
    When next we spoke, she was so damned excited about that night, she could hardly contain her emotions!
    Mind you now, when I say rape, I do NOT mean she was hurt in any way.
    One of MY fantasies that these girls helped me with was to have s** with 4 of them the same night, but never seeing each other and get them to each have at least 2 o******, was fulfilled because they were understanding and as passionate as I am.
    These relationships can work out perfectly, if you meet the right people.
    Some of the best relationships are between people of very different age.

  • It's always the quiet ones...

  • That's cool sweetie and there is really nothing wrong with a young lady like you wanting an older man, maybe someday you'll make your fantasies a reality, it's nothing new to me though I've noticed an increase in young girls going for older men lately, I'm in my 50's and I've been fooling around with young girls since I was in my 30's and so it's really nice breath of fresh air to see that change in the young girls attitude toward older guys...

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