I'm not lying but they think I am. HELP PLEASE.

One day before going to school my parents tell me to take the passcode off my phone so they can bring it to the store and fix the broken screen. I had forgot that a about a month ago in had bought a vape from one of my older friends who's parents are family friends with my parents and I'm good friends with him. BUT I left it at the place he gave it to me deciding I didn't want it and forgot about it. I had never smoked or drank any kind of alcohol before and my parents had no intention of fixing my screen and instead dug through my texts were shocked to see that there angelic son was buying illegal things. They took the lock off my door and installed all sorts of site trackers and phone trackers on my phone and computer too. I didn't know that they knew about the vape yet and They told me they needed to talk to me. Super long story short, I told them the truth that I didn't have the vape and that I never smoked any weed or anythjng like that before. They even drug tested me, all came out negative. At the time they said they believed me, but on the following days they saied there was some sort of burning smell in my room, I heard them whispering downstairs that they thought I had the vape and was smoking it. They told me that the water heater behind my closet could be leaking gas or something so they called in a
Specialist, he said all gas meters were normal but while leaving said that he had been smoking his whole life since 17 and that the smell smelt like cigarets to him. I was blown away. My parents still complain about the smell and think I'm smoking to this day. My mom has a lung problem also and they say it's getting worse do to " the smell she breathes in" when she enters my room. I told them the complete truth and don't like being blamed for something i didn't do. How do I convince them I'm not lying?

Dec 13, 2013

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  • Wow, your parents sound like psychos! I've been through the same crap with my methhead mom. Alk I can say is save your money and wait for your 18th birthday. Good luck, kid (:

  • If they are religious and Christians tell them you will swear on the Bible that you didn't do it.

  • Oh please...

  • Kiss off lame brain.

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