I lied about being abused.

I wanted attention so I told the boy I liked my dad physically abused me. But then he told the police and social workers came to my house. That was two years ago and I still like him, and he likes me. I try to make myself hate him because I know we can't ever be together, but I think I'm in love. What should I do? I'm 14 so I know I don't understand love or anything yet.... But that's what it feels like and has felt like for three years... Can I get over him??

Jan 16, 2014

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  • Wow. Really? You essentially tried to ruin your dad's life for attention from some idiot boy and your biggest concern is "can i get over him??"

    I can't believe I'm about to say this, but follow the lead of so many other confessors on here and take up cutting. In your case though, I recommend using a chainsaw instead of a knife.

    Dumb cvnt!

  • If I was the boy I wouldn't trust you if you lied about the abuse your nothing but a problem and need help !

  • You're lucky your parents didn't disown you. They could have gotten into serious trouble. You have a lot of growing up to do.

  • Yes, you can, and you will. This will sound like the cheapest advice ever, and the cheesiest, and the most stupid, but just try to relax. You aren't running out of time to have a relationship like the one you want with this guy, you don't know that you "can't ever be together" with this particular guy as an absolute, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to be involved with plenty of guys. Don't lock your sights on this one person: widen your view. You're going to have lots of targets popping up on your radar and you shouldn't ignore them to focus on just one. ENJOY!

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