I am in love with my teacher...

I have had the same gym teacher for four years and I am so attracted to him. All the other girls in my class flirt with him and I get really p***** off... Last week, he was helping me hold a golf club properly and my ass brushed off his crotch. He pretended not to notice but after that he was flirting alot with me. I've got him to touch me a few times but I want more... I love him so much and I really want his d***! Should I walk in on him in the showers or is that too creepy? He makes me so h****, I just want him so f****** much!

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  • Are you going to visit him in jail after he f**** you???

  • OMG,you tramp.

  • ....and don't you just LOVE tramps??!!

  • Miley Cyrus? That's a man, baby!

  • GO FOR IT!

  • you sound like a very hot piece. very nice.

  • If you really want his d*** you should go and get his d***! What the f*** are you waiting for?

  • With so little time left in your school year, you need to start moving on this man, so you don't have to spend the vacation time missing him. Just think, if you start the hookup now you can spend the entire summer in his bed with him exactly where you want him: between your legs. You already know you can have him. But you're going to have to show him how you feel . . . . . . and what you want: that hard c*** of his that he's been rubbing all over your ass in class. Get to work, girl!!!!

  • Don't you need a license to be that ugly?

  • I fell for one of my teachers many years ago in high school. I went after him and got him, and even though we had to end it when I finally moved away for college, it is still the best relationship I ever had. I say "Go for it!!" and don't stop until you've got him IN YOU! And then......keep him there! Good luck!!!


  • Same here. If it was I me you wouldn't have to come on to me: I'd be all over your hot ass!

  • ^ ditto ^. damn!!

  • You sound great! Where can we hook up?

  • you are totally nasty......and i am totally falling in love with you!

  • OMG! How in the world did you get so sexed up so young?????

  • The answer is "yes", it's too creepy. The whole thing is too creepy. Ewwwww!!

  • If you're under 18 and he gets involved with you he could lose his job.

  • Fake as f*** and written by a dude.

  • The writing style is female.

  • I wrote this and I'm a guy. I thank you for the compliment on my 'acting ability.'

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