im 29 years old . i love to look at

im 29 years old . i love to look at pictures of naked little girls,
11yo-16yo i dont consider this pedophilia but some might.
i just love the feel, the smell, and the look of their soft smooth p******.
i just want my very own 14 yo s*** to lick, bang and worship.
and its killing me inside everyday

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  • I for one am 14 and was extremely turned on when i read this as well as all the comments. I'm an innocent "good girl" and REALLYYY wanna do something bad. I've been good all my life and am sick of it

  • im 12 so if you want to f*** me that is awsome

  • 12 and willing is a lovely thing

  • When and where lol

  • I wish I had known you when I was that young. I would have let you have your way with me. I'm 26 now, so it wouldn't work.

  • ..............I LOVE TO PLAY AND LICK & F*** ANY LITTLE GIRL FROM THE AGE OF 9yo to 13yo young girls still hatrless p**** no titty ir budding titty there hairless p**** hole arte still tight
    but girls over the are of 14yo have a woman p**** hole they have a hole as big as a womans p**** hole is

  • Fantasie is one thing doing it is another. You can't go to jail for what you think. So enjoy it within your mind and you will be OK.

  • There's a difference between having a fantasy that you can't control and being a SICK F****** DOUCHBAG! All of you saying he's "normal" for having these thoughts need to be shot in the face just like he does.

  • Is your name Lars Alan Eek,possible pedophile?

  • Lots of people struggle with fetishes. The biggest concern that I see, is that by looking at these you are feeding your addiction. I believe that the only way to overcome this addiction is to gradually decrease your exposure to it. You can do it.

  • I f*** my 12 yo step daughter and she likes it, she found out I was doing her by waking up with my d*** in her, she squirted c** all over , it was hot.

  • Id like 2 c pics of ur step daughter and u f******

  • she told it like it IS. nothing more to say.

  • The only help for you would be a beheading.

  • YOU"RE F****** SICK!!!!!!!!

  • 9-12 year olds have tight p****** and a****. very soft t*** to. you should try em

  • please take a gun a fuken shoot urself ur fuken sick and if i ever found out a guy ur age touched my daughter i would shoot u. i dont care if she said yes its fuken sick u r sick do the world a favour aeand kill urself so theres one less fuken sick basterd out there f** knows how many more to go

  • "I think most people would consider that pedophilia"

    they'd be wrong then. pedophilia is sexual desire for pre-pubescent children. Not that its healthy or normal to watch to have s** with a 12-14 year old, but its not pedophilia

  • & I'm 17 & was dating a 29 yr old who actually turned out 2 b 37 so thx 4 lettin me kno wat he was thinkin im goin 2 the popo

  • bro you need help baaaaaaaaaaaaad

  • why don't you just find someone who's legal age but that looks young?

    trust me there's a lot of girls.

  • Thank God for Chris Hansen!!! You are sick! I am sure you could find a grown woman who would be into being your submissive. I think pedophiles like little girls because of their own feelings of inadequacy. Grown women (with experience) wouldn't be satisfied with the s**, so they try to find some innocent little girl who has nothing to compare the horrible s** to!

  • Get the f*** over it miss tell it like it is, tell me this then, what if the women makes the decision when she's legal but the guy ia way over her age limit, huh? Ur a stupid cow who needs to get sum, realy bad ****be real b***********

  • I had s** with a older guy. I was 12 and he was 18. I hated it and i had to tell on him because my mom noticed something different about me and made me tell her what was wrong. I dont regret it. I feel sick that I even did that and i felt so dirty. Never would I have done that if I would have known thats how it would be. He's still in jail now, and im 18 now myself, but he's only still in jail because he did another girl.

  • Ok..Number 1, Any man that wants to have s** with a young girl is sick and needs help. Its rape and you will go to jail and YOU will get raped, because believe me, young girls cant keep secrets and they will tell on your ass as soon as its over.
    Number 2 Young girls who like things that are just looking for trouble or attention. its just plain wrong. Never date anyone more than 3 years older and dont even DATE until your 16-17, because anything below that is trouble. DO YOU IDIOTS HEAR ME?! Dont do anything stupid, because no matter what the girl says, she will talk to her friends about it, her brother or sister, SOMEBODY and from there on, your pretty much the ass. So stop it now and get some help because little girls are nothing to play with.

    ~Mrs. Tell It Like It Is!~

  • Leave me alone u stupid b**** girl, u called me a 15 year old s***, well get the h*** over it you stupid w****. And go get a bf who loves you coz ur probly a fat girl covered in stretch marks staring at the computer screen all day.. Go get a life you freak against nature

  • How could u turn down a 15 year old s***?? Real easy, its called an "adult" WOMAN, with a rockin mature body that can "ROCK" your world silly because of her experience. As a man, nothing could replace the experience of doing a REAL WOMAN. Nothing!

  • how could you turn down a sweet willing 15 year old s***?

  • its true, some young girls are total nymphos and you just gotta love that right?
    how hot is that?

  • Im 15, and all those ppl who are saying its discusting I do agree but they have they're fantasies and u have urs, and who knows urs probably include having s** with an older man, so I suggest u look a bit more into it all before you start judging ppl, you stupid s****

  • I'm 17, I've wanted to be with an older guy since I was 13. Does that mean it's right? Probably not. Do what you will, but if you get any, both parties are probably still f***** up.

  • im 15 ill be ur very own s***.

  • Oh my GOD. The number of people responding who share this fantasy is just plain FRIGHTENING.


  • personally, if a 14 year old girl (nubile and sexually filled out)
    came up to me and said "i wanna f***".
    then you think i would turn that down?
    would you?
    i would personally wreck that chick.
    13 and under and not appearing sexually mature.
    h*** no thats just sick.
    but to the guy that made the comment, i dont see much wrong with it.
    as long as Chris Hansen doesnt get you! lololol

  • hmm, little miss 17.
    sounds like a trap to me

  • im 17 call me ive always wanted an older guy

  • You are sick. Even downloading that s*** could land you in jail. Get help, you unnatural freak of nature.

  • if i knew nobody would find out about it then i would do it in a heartbeat, but i cant act on my thoughts because that silly chris hansen is out their lurking, waiting for me to slip up

  • Too young. Too too young. Revise your fantasies

  • I feel the same way, I want to have s** with a young girl so bad. Its something about their budding boddies and their angelic faces that make me want to fill them up. I will never act on it, but the thought makes me really really really HOT!

  • You might need to ask yourself why you feel this way. I personally believe that it is very disgusting for anyone of your age to feel this way about someone under the age of 18. If you were a male under the age of 18 with a female under the age of 18 that is one thing, but what you are thinking and feeling is wrong.

    I certainly hope that you do not act upon your thoughts. This could lead to very serious consequences, not only legal, but...well...just wait until your fellow inmates find out what you were convicted for. You would be lucky to be granted solitary confinement, my friend...if you made it that far. Fair warning.

    And since your last sentence was:

    "i just want my very own 14 yo s*** to lick, bang and worship."

    I think you just indicted yourself there, pal!

  • You need help, seek counciling!

  • I think most people would consider that pedophilia. That's pretty gross. And it's a dangerous thought. Because there's a fine line between thinking about it, and acting on those thoughts. Get help

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