Haha omg

Sometimes I pee in the cat litter box lol

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  • Next time,go number two in the litter box.

  • What the hey would you do that for? You part cat?

  • Do you p*** in it too? And what about the cat? Does it get, so to speak, p***** off when you pee in its territory? If I were that cat, I'd jump you while you were asleep and scratch the crap out of you. I'd go feline medieval on your ass for defiling my p*** and p*** palace. If you took revenge on me, I would enlist every cat within a 50 mile radius to scratch and bite the bejesus out of you until you were just a b***** p*** pile of body part pieces. H*** yeah, that's what I'd do.

  • I love Miley Cyrus. She is the best entertainer ever. I loved it when she spit at the audience in Los Angeles. It is amazing how she comes up with this brilliant stuff and the audience loved it. To have Miley spit on you is like getting sprayed with holy water. It's that fantastic! I love her.

  • She sucks!Meow has more class than her.

  • Miley is God. Believe it!

  • Do you purr too?

  • Meow doesn't like this.

  • At least you are housebroken.

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