I Want You All To Start A Riot Downtown

I want you all to listen to me. my name is Evangeline. i like to hurt people. i believe the authority has taken everything from us.we have no more freedom left. does anyone else agree with me? ut on your shoes, open your eyes aand take charge and take back what is rightfully yours!! comment your descisoin and join me. while we still have a chance.

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  • =^_^= <(C'mon you p******. Let's see some posts!)

  • I am meow and i love meowing, theres nothing anyone here can do about it and if they could, they would have done it already. Suck it up and enjoying the meow spam -Meow.

  • You are history. Enjoy your long awaited ban.

  • I am really on a roll now. Yes, it is me Meow again. I guess today's confession day for yours truly. As I confessed before, I am a dude, but I like to wear women's undies. I like that no one knows I have bikini panties or my favs from Victoria's Secret, Seamless Little Lace Thong Panties, hanging off my butt. OMG, I LOVE those! Yeah, I know that's like the new normal with all the dudes doing it now, but here's when I get a little frisky. Once a month I stick a tampon up my butt to simulate a period. I know that's kind of whacked, but it's just how I'm wired. Maybe I'm a babe in a dude's body?

  • Okay, I'm feeling like confessing today. Maybe it's the weather. I would be embarrassed to tell anyone this in person, but since you only know me as Meow and will never know who I really am, here goes. I love eating dog s***. I started doing that when I was a kid and never stopped. You know what's funny" I have a shih tzu dog whose s*** I eat every day. My friends call it a s*** tzu. If only they knew how funny that is to me. lol. Some people drink cow p***. Some drink their own p***. Me I eat dog s***. No biggy.

  • fake as dog s***

  • Okay, here is my confession. I like to deep-throat popsicles; it satisfies my oral fixation and tastes a h*** of a lot better than sucking d***. - Meow P.S. I'm a hetero dude who likes to dabble in d*** now and then.

  • Is there a veterinarian in the house? Meow needs to be put down.

  • No doubt you need that s***, needle d*** Meow.

  • Meow is a sick puppy.

  • Welcome to Meow's Confession Post. Feel free to post your confession and have it spammed to death, courtesy of admin Meow.

  • To the stoopid Miley Cyrus haters: She made 7.6 million dollars last year. That proves she's cool and a now lady with the IT factor.

  • Meow needs a public flogging. After the riots, let's kick his ass and flog him.

  • You know what I like? I like watching UFC fights when one of the fighters gets kicked in the nuts. That always cracks me up, lol. I like seeing big, strong guys act like little b****** when they get a good one right in the stones. I love it. Somehow it appeals to the woman in me and inspires me to kick more doofus guys in the b****, lol. I think Evangeline can appreciate that since she likes hurting people. I'll bet she's kicked some doofus guys in the nuts too. P.S. If you are a guy reading this, 1. I'm sure you are a doofus one, most of your kind are and 2. I would love to kick you in your f****** nuts! Hugs, kisses, and kicks in the b****, Miranda

  • Finally got rid of that chicken s*** Meow. Good riddance.

  • Weak p**** move.

  • Where ya at, Meow P****. Don't be scared Homie.

  • Meow is a low life piece of s***. I hope somebody beats the crap out of him.

  • My brother is a pig farmer. He could take care of the Meow Problem.


  • Wats UPPPPPP PEOPLES?! I wanna join this riot. Where it at?

  • Yeah, I see Meow ain't sayin' s*** now. P****!

  • Meow is a p**** and he sucks donkey d****.

  • Meow sucks and his breath stinks.

  • Cheated On My Boyfriend Cause He Is A Cheap B******

    My cheapo boyfriend wouldn't even buy me a to die for diamond fashion ring that cost $3,000. He said it was too expensive. I told him he could open a credit account and make payments, but he wouldn't. To try to appease me he said he buy me a s***** thousand dollar ring. No way. I don't settle. I was so p***** I screwed my boyfriend's best friend. I don't care if my cheapskate boyfriend finds out. It will serve him right. And he won't leave me. I got that boy wrapped around my finger. I just might leave him though if his friend will buy me that diamond ring.

  • Your a who're and a gold digger. Don't expect people to support your decision.

  • Bad things are going to happen to you, moron Meow. Know that. - Mystress Melinda, Queen of the Dark Arts

  • I could use a hot, hunky man in my life now. I am a 30 year old hot looking dude. I am 6'2" with blond hair and I have the bod of a male stripper. I am big where it counts, if you know what I mean. I would like a strong caring man who works out. I like my men to have dreamy muscles. Don't get me wrong. I like sensitive too. A guy who brings me flowers, cards and chocolates now and then would be ideal. Let's meet and greet. Hugs, Bad Brad

  • Notice how d******* Meow isn't spam bombing these confessions anymore? He got his ass kicked out of here. A few pretenders might post nonsense like his, and they will be banned too. Meow is history. Good riddance.

  • Oh happy day!

  • Yeah!

  • HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE - Ernesto Guevara, Che Guevara Speaks

  • Right on!

  • The only way to support a revolution is to make your own. - Abbie Hoffman

  • We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a revolution. - Subcomandante Marcos

  • “Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.”
    ? Bob Marley

  • This confession is as fake as my b*** job. Kisses, Brian


  • OMG! It's Dave Hester!

  • I am Mystress Melinda, Queen of the Dark Arts. I built a voodoo doll, filled it with chicken bones, grave dirt, snake venom, and poison ivy. I wrote Meow in large letters on the doll with blood ink. Everyday I am going to stick pins in its ass 77 times and slap it in the face 77 more times. I will do this for as long as I read even a peep from a****** Meow on this website. I have petitioned the pantheon of Vodou gods to aid me in my mission. If you are reading this d****** Meow, you can kiss your ass goodbye as far as posting on this website goes. And, P.S., Be very afraid.

  • Free pizza, the beverage of your choice, and two Cannolis.for the first person who slaps Meow's girly face. I'm Comrade Bro and I approve this message.

  • This too Meow W*****: May you step in the pallorous paracentesis ruining from the underarm hollow of a Perdian Mucousdripper.

  • To Douchebag Meow: May the lamb of God stir his hoof through the roof of heaven and kick you in the a*** down to h***.

  • Hey, Meow. Is that your face or did your neck throw up?

  • I want you all to kick Meow's ass.

  • My sincerest apologies for being such a j*** when I posted MEOW hundreds of times in these confessions. I found God and I won't be bothering you anymore. And my sincerest apologies for all the people I annoyed. Yours in Jesus, my personal Savior - Meow

  • I'm calling BS. You're a rice krispies cereal offender. You'll be doing your stupid Meow s*** again. You will.

  • I work in a small pizzeria, sometimes I am the only one there. The other day 3 hot babes ordered a cheese pizza from me and they were so hot I went nuts thinking about having s** with them. Since I couldn't to that, I snuck into the mens room with the dough for their pizza hid under my shirt. Then I jerked off and shot my wad in it. I squished the j*** into the pizza dough and with it hidden under my shirt went back into the kitchen and used it to make the pizza for the hot babes. I was so excited when I served it to them thinking about how these hot babes would be eating my c** in their pizza. I overheard one say it was good and I got a h******. Man, that was so hot. I must do that again when I am alone in the pizzeria and hot babes come in. I know that was probably a sicko thing to do but those babes were so hot I could not control myself. I still j*** off thinking about that day.

  • You are a moron and a sick p****!

  • Let's do this thing NOW!

  • Now that Meow's ass has been banned, let's get back to rioting!

  • I was sucking my own d*** one day in the barn when dad walked in and saw me. He wasn't real happy and said, will if you suck your own, that means you're not sucking someone eles enough, kinda embarrassed me. - Meow

  • Thanks for sharing Meow. I hope you got to suck "someone else enough." Somehow, I'm sure you did.


  • Star ships were meant to fly ...

  • Star ships were meant to fly ....

  • Ding d*** Meow is gone. Gooooooood Riddance!!!

  • I wanna join the riot. I want to be somebody and change the world!

  • Meow, you SUCK!

  • That, pariah lackey of the Man, Meow, was undoubtedly your last post here. Your misguided days of sabotaging posts are done. The death knell has sounded on your obnoxious ass and your childish antics. When we take to the streets, I will officially burn an effigy of you, a dough boy dummy with Meow written on it, to celebrate your long awaited demise. Power to the People!!! - Comrade Bro, Devoted Follower of Evangeline and Left Wing Coordinator of The soon to be Peoples Republic of Amerika P.S. Eat s*** Meow.

  • ATTENTION MEOW: Prepare to be terminated ... AGAIN. For interference with the People's Riots In The Streets movement, you are history. Good riddance. - Comrade Bro

  • Yeah, now I see what this is about. Meow is working for the Man. The Man is afraid of Evangeline. He knows she is the One that can unseat his power and give it to the people. Meow is a lap dog lackey for the Establishment, The Military Industrial Complex. He is their flunky, their boy, the puppet they dangle on a string and use for their dirty work. Wake up Meow. Wake up and join the revolution! Join us and we will rule the world and free the masses.

  • When we take back the power, Meow will be publicly humiliated with 50 lashes on his ugly butt. If he doesn't f*** off, we might even send him to the gallows.

  • F***** SEPTIC TANK W***** POFF!

  • Meow is the a****** of evil!

  • Meow, get freakin lost or I will kick you in the b****. --All my hate, Susan. P.S. F*** you Meow.

  • Meow sucks!

  • While were working on the riot plan, let's kick Meow's ass for a warm up. Giving that spamming b**** a beat down would be a public service. We'd probably get a medal or bounty money as annoying as he is to so many people. S**** you, Meow!

  • H*** yeah! Let' start a revolution!

  • Evangeline is the queen of the world. Those who fail to recognize her greatness, are morons and fools.

  • You are totally f***** up in your brains.

  • The world has been waiting for a woman like you,Evangeline. You are a modern day Joan of Arc minus the religious BS. You could lead the masses to victory over the Big Brother Establishment. You could put down the Man and rise the People up. You could rule the world. Now is the time. You are the One.

  • I just got kicked out of school so I got nothin better to do. I will join to. After the riot plaese help me break in my school and bust it up. I never liked that dumb place any way.

  • I would follow you to H*** and back. Hail to Evangeline!

  • Yeah. Let's take back the power. And power to the people!

  • After we riot, can we get free s***, like TVs and stuff? What I mean is can we bust store windows and take s*** out of stores for us, the people. Kinda like robbing the rich and giving the s*** to ourselves, the poor.

  • U chines b***** get d f** of from uk.....

  • Sign me up too. I'm Rhonda. I can beat the s*** out of grown ass men.

  • I'm on your team Evangeline. Let's kick some ass!!!

  • Yeah. let's do it. Name's Big Frank and I love to fight.

  • Susan is so cute u know what she likes 2 kicking boys in B****....hahahahhh but she neva done that,cause she has infected B**** too...

  • Hahahaha Evangeline I would love to see you riot downtown, just so I can get a look at the cops faces as they handle a crazy women causing trouble. Shoot you would be on the news, headlines "Mad women trying to incite a riot." Good luck Evangeline and be sure to shout out your name so we know you really did it.

  • Count me in. My name is Susan and I like kicking boys in the b****.

  • I dedicate this song to Evangeline: http://youtu.be/4dOsbsuhYGQ


  • I like to hurt ants,cockroaches,flys,chinese people Xd....Im totally in.Lets goooooooooooooooooooooSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  • Anybody who likes to hurt people is cool with me. Let's do this thing!

  • If you are hot, I'll follow you anywhere you want.

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