I am a closeted CrossDresser. I didn't

I am a closeted CrossDresser. I didn't set out to be one but you could say I was "forced" in that direction. (Is that blame shifting?)

I was in a xxxrated theater in Houston once watching a skinflick. I noticed that there were several guys milling around and standing in the back of the theater. I decided to walk around like they were doing and began to see all the "activity" that was going on... sucking, fondling, f******! Wow! I didn't know this was the type of activity that was available in these places. Call me naive.

Anyway, I was so h**** by all I was seeing that I stood behind that last row of theater seats and waited. SHortly, I black guy came up from behind me and started to fondly my ass. He stood behind me and began to caress me so good. I didn't know what to do since this was new to me. I had never been with a guy in a sexual way. I was loving this, though.

He stood right behind me and whispered in my ear, "will you put on something for me?" he asked. As he whispered in my ear, my entire body "shook" and my knees began to go weak, fast! "What?" I asked. With that, he began to pull down my shorts and underwear, and picked up a bag from the floor at his feet.

He took out a very short mini-skirt, a skimpy, lacey girl's thong, and a body tight blouse and some hi-heels (which we a little big for my feet) and began to instruct me to put them on.

At first I was hesitant wondering what the other guys there would think. They, however, were too busy doing their "thing" to notice what we were doing.

I took the clothes and quickly began to put them on. When all the clothes were on, I felt soooo sexy. He took me in a bear hug and I could feel the enormous black c*** that was pushing at my ass door. I was a little scared at first when I felt it, but sensing my hesitancy, he whispered into my ear again, "It's ok, I'll go slow!" I melted at the sound of his voice which seemed to penetrate me all the way to my weak loins!

He placed me over the back row of seats in the theater, putting his face under my short mini skirt and began to kiss my ass cheeks and pull my thong with his teeth! I was shuddering so bad that my legs felt like jello! I had never had anyone kiss me like that!!! All of a sudden he opened up my ass firmly with his big, strong black hands and gave me a BIG licking all around my a******!!! It sent me through the roof!!!

He began to not only lick me, but to open my orifice and stick his tongue into my ass! That was my introduction into ass munching! I was hooked. He did that for a few minutes and by the time he was finished, I was so turned on I was like puddy in his hands.

He then began to put his lips up to my a****** and would alternately lick it and then slowly blow on it. Then in one swift unannounced stroke, he stuck all his tongue up my a****** and I couldn't help but moan out with delight!

After pleasuring me that way for awhile, he stood up from his squatiing position, straightened me up a bit, and said, "Now, baby, I'm going to f*** you like my s*** b****. Open up your b**** ass for me."

I had to obey him. I was compelled. I felt like I had no choice. My loins and ass were completely on fire. I had to give myself to him.

I obeyed him, opened up my a****** and I felt like a Mack truck had entered me! He went slow, briefly at first. Then, he began to grind me and pump on my ass until I felt like I was going to explode and be split in half!!! After the intial "pain", he began to pump me faster and faster until I got lost in the pleasure and didn't care anymore how much it hurt. He came with a gigantic, powerful explosion of c** right up my a******, which was by this time, on fire!!!

That night, by that muscular, big dicked black man, I was introduced into the world of crossdressing and I became a "b**** s***" crossdresser. I am still closeted, but I get to fulfill my fantasy every once in a while.

I have always wondered what happened to my big, black dicked friend who made a b**** s*** out of this otherwise, normal guy. He's probably introduced many s**** like me into this dark world of crossdressing for top men's pleasure.

Anyway, I still get a rise from dressing sexily and enticing men to crave after my "b**** booty"... They can't resist.

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  • Mmmm

  • I LOVE your story! You're very lucky! I had an instant b**** and lots of pre-c**. I really would want to have this type experience ... in a public place like that but just as many people are, am afraid of STDs. I think if STDs didn't exist, I would be the biggest crossdressing s***.

    Thanks for your story,
    Aspiring Dirty S***

  • I too would like to have this kind of experience. Just to feel a c*** entering me make me so horneeey!!

  • I love how some people insult you with the word f***** after having read the article.

  • Your story is so exciting. I would love to be dressed up and made to do girly things. I am in envy of you

  • Beautiful

  • T*****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you dreamed it butt phukka.

  • This makes me really hot. . .I am straight female.


  • I like how you ready this all the way through and decided to insult this crossdresser. Sounds like you're scared to do it but really want to.

  • Wow, the previous commenter said this was too long ... can someone get him a Cliff Notes version of this confession? Or maybe a brief dumbdown version of it. LOL!

  • this is to long to read so, ***be real b*********

  • Where do I find a place like this???!!!

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