My aunt kinda said no should i try again

I live my parent on my farm my aunt has a job in the st paul area she comes back and I tried to crawl in bed with her she was kinda flatered but said no overall bunt got to see her in her panties she did not tell mom and dad till I tried to stay at her house. I know she loves me just don't know if I should try again she will never have s** with any for the rest of her life I think what would it hurt no one really need to know.

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  • No means no! Do not press it if someone says no. I don't care if it's incest. Trying to make her s** you when she already told you no is rape!

  • Stop posting miley cyrus on everything you stupid f*** you must be underage looking for attention youre truly pathetic

  • Aww, did that make your wittle butt sore? Too bad! Bahahahaha!

  • You must be constipated, looking for relief. :>

  • Yeah, kinda.

  • Miley Cyrus? That's a man, baby!

  • It could be. She is built like a skinny dude.

  • No. No. Say it isn't so!!!

  • Haven't you ever noticed? When she wears those super-tight short-shorts? NO CAMEL TOE! And that deep voice? It's deeper than her father's!! Oh, yeah......that's a man, baby!

  • Keep trying to hit that s***.

  • Answer is no but i know this is gonna sound stupid but trust me learn hypnotism that s*** works look up hypnotized o***** on google videos as proof the site is hypnosiserotica you can learn and you can make your aunt do anything you want that includes keeping her from ratting you out to your parents and dont listen to people who say it doesnt work trust me on this i had almost the same problem but with my first cousin till I learned that now shes attracted to me but only after i give'er a command :)

  • I got a voodoo doll I pretend is her and molest every night while whispering I am going to boink you. I think it's working. I caught her sneaking a look at my package the other day when I purposely wore a speedo around the house hoping to tempt her ass.

  • I would loved to have seen you in a speedo. I know I would have drooled over the view. Kisses and lickies, Alice

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