I know who you are HPJ2

You never told me your real name.I tried to do a background check on you before,but I finally got a hit two months ago by doing a reverse phone lookup.I saw your full name,found your Facebook profile,and other social networking profiles.I "liked" some of your pictures on the photo sharing site profile.I know more things about you now,than when we were talking.Kinda lame that you didn't trust me with these things.Anyways,I contacted you almost three months ago simply because I missed you.I also kept dreaming that we were arguing so I "heard your call".Your response was cold,so I told myself that I wouldn't contact you again in the waking world,because I didn't want to create any drama for you.That doesn't mean I don't think about you all the time or that I don't miss you.I miss you terribly.If I hurt you in any way I never meant to.I just didn't think I was important to you.I hate that I miss seeing your green eyes.I hate that I always go on the photo sharing site to look at the picture you posted six months ago of your eye.I hate this distance.The bright spot in all of this is that I truly understand that we had to meet when we did at that Subway.Since it seems like you moved on,I will,too.I just need a bit more time,because I hate partings.It feels as if someone's taken a part of my soul.

Mar 12, 2014

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  • Strange affliction washed over me after reading this.

  • Awaiting outcome...

  • Keep waiting. You're even more gullible than those religious tards who think their sky daddy's son is "coming back" any day now, even though he died 2k years ago

  • Partings are so difficult. Too bad things didn't work out.

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