Wife is really having fun again

For over 10 years now I have wanted to experiment with another couple . My wife has resisted , but not in a mean or horrible way . She simply did not see anyone worth ever considering. There are substantial risks involved so there are many things to consider. The first of course is to make sure your marriage is extremely stable and that s** with another person will not destroy what you have built together .

My wife is 42 and still extremely beautiful . She has only worked part time in her life and has enjoyed a really great and meaningful marriage with me . I make excellent money and she has never had to struggle per say once I was on my own and out of school.

She is not the reason I wanted to experiment, She was happy and never complained at all . She is 2 years older than me and we lived with her parents for about 5 years in our early marriage while I was going to engineering school. After I got my first good job , she has never had to work since. Her s** drive was nothing when we first married, I was her first love . But she has matured and grown and her desire for s** has also grown tremendously . We have 2 beautiful children .

For 10 years now we have talked about it . We had our children early and we hope to be able to travel later with my job and see the world . I have met many engineers and technicians whom have experimented and enjoyed the experience .

The couple we choose are younger than we are and I knew him via my company . Women are particularly picky when it comes to selecting their male partner , at least mature intelligent women are . He had to very handsome , and very intelligent and respectful . She wanted a Hunk or someone whom is very viral and masculine . She loves a good kisser and a handsome face and a great body .

The young man and woman are beautiful . He is only 28 . P**** size has nothing to do with it , as long as it is normal . Actually if they are too big , many women can be hurt and do not want a monster size like men think . But he must also be a excellent lover desiring to make her happy both emotionally and sexually .

We prefer all night verses a few hours , there is no pressure and if you really enjoy the s** than you can make love all night long . His wife is gorgeous and she is so much fun , they have 2 small children and very mature for their age . The girl is over sexed .

We are not wild or aggressive or rude , we simply enjoy s** . We are about 6 months into the relationship and have no plans for further contact with other couples . My wife has grown to be very multi orgasmic and has many o****** with him and she loves the s** with him .

She is excited to be in the relationship and works hard to make each time a success . she is very happy and is having lots of fun. Occasionally we get kind of crazy sexually . She is very physical sexually , and enjoys lots of o****** . Her lover is perfect for her . And she has no plans to end the relationship .

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