I gave up the love and trust of my

I gave up the love and trust of my family to be with my boyfriend. I started a new life with him because it was worth being with the love of my life than to have my family. It was the best times of my life that I wouldn't take back. I will be honest, times weren't all that great and it was stressful. To me, it was the good times that made it worth while. I made two horrible mistakes and he will not forgive me. I hid nothing else from him but these two things were a part of my past that I didn't want to bring into this new relationship. I apologized with all my heart and yet he has left me here in our house, alone. This house has turned into a coffin of our memories.... I have lost my mind for the past seven days and now I feel so hurt... I have given him my everything...... for what? I want so badly to call my family and ask them for support but I can't because they won't even talk to me. I don't know how to cope. I keep telling myself that things will be alright, but how can I see any hope when things just keep getting worse? I've hit rock bottom and I see no hope. It hurts so much.... that dying seems like the best solution to numb the pain.

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  • DUMBASS thats why you always choose FAMILY BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE!

    wtf is wrong with you???

  • (From the 2nd poster)
    I may sound like a douche-bag, but I'm being honest. WHY would you run away with a guy knowing the risks involved??' Oh I was blinded by love' but NOTHING! If 2 lovers were meant to be, they'll be meant to be. Let things take course instead of running away from your family & friends! There is a reason why they spoke out against your relationship - the guy was no good! And the result - he left you.

    Look, I'm sorry this happened to you - I really am. All I can say is that you think through the scenerio next time. I'd say call your family - they'll forgive you, BUT the relationship with them will be rocky at first. You need to re-earn their trust.

  • Ungirl of her? I happen to be a boyfriend of a girl with a very similar story, and the poster above me is going to take awful memories of life with her to the grave if she stands by her motto. Maybe girls take secrets to the grave, but women don't. Which are you?

    My girlfriend moved cities to be with me without telling me a couple of very important secrets before moving. One was from her past, one was during our relationship. She actually never even 'fessed up-I had to pull these things out of her, but you know I had a secret of my own so I would have been a complete hypocrite to leave her. The fact that I love her to death also helped us to stay together and get through it all. All 3 'secrets' have been put out in the open at this point, and we hope not to hold anything else from eachother (unless it's a bday surprise).

    Secrets are tough, and there is always an inexplicable tension in the air when they are being kept. The saying 'the truth will set you free' can really hold water-we humans live too many facades that we create and then they blow up in our faces. Females are especially notorious for secrets, and so are males; but to me, the ability to confess is what separates a girl from a woman-a boy from a man.

    Poster, you did the right thing, and he had every right to know. Just because the ball is out of your court does not mean you should die. You have righted a lot of karma and he might even come back. If he doesn't, you will have to move on because, for better or for worse, he was not equipped to accept you for everything you are and have been in your life. Trust me, there is someone out there who is, and maybe if this doesn't work you can learn to be upfront with your lover from the beginning. Part of loving someone is being completely honest with them.

  • Why did you 'fess up to the boyfriend? That's so ungirl of you. Girls take their secrets with them to the grave.

  • To the douche-bag above.... Of course she realizes that now, but tell her that isn't going to help.

    To you... Family is family. Don't expect them to greet you with open arms, but at least call. Let them know you're sorry. Maybe with a little hard work, things can be resolved. It's a start, and you've got to start somewhere.

  • I'm going to be honest - that was really stupid of you. Running off with your BOYFRIEND over your family is definitely a mistake. I mean, your family has known you since you were born and your boyfriend have known for a couple of years? (Not even?)
    Love doesn't last sweetheart - unless he's proposing.

  • Be strong. This, too, shall pass.

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