Benedict Arnold

Yo Captain snacks, if you think that I haven't noticed that you stole things (expensive and many things) from my house; broke a shitload of things, including a car door handle and a laptop, you are mistaken. Everything I have done for you, including wash your clothes, pick you up when the cops call, and you turn your back on your best friend to hang out with their enemies. No more anything for you - I will make sure you never step foot in my house again. I can forgive a lot of things - but disloyalty isn't one of them!

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  • O woe is you, you pitiful loser. Just because it appears you are female, all the sexist, female fools here feel sorry for you. Many of us know better however. First, let's see the rest of the story i.e. I'm sure what you AREN'T writing here is what would bring you down, scumbag. There are 2 sides to this. I'm sure you're no gem when we talk devotion. Moreover, the only reason nobody had to pick you up when YOUR bail was posted is because police nearly always let it slide when a broad assaults a man or commits a crime. I'm sure you have taken much from your man as well for no compensation & your v_a_g_i_n_a doesn't count toward that either piggy.

  • Never been arrested - but I bet you have! Real Classy you are NOT! You've probably even been on Judge Judy or Jerry Springer pfft

  • He sounds like a selfish b******. Good riddance.

  • Aw go f****** yourself.

  • Good for you. Get rid of the son of a b****.

  • YOU'RE the son of a b_i_t_c_h. Go f.o.a.d. somewhere..

  • Stop trolling off of other people's Internet loser

  • Good on you!

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