Eat. prey. murder.

ok so like a week ago I found out that my husband has been having an affair for like THREE F****** YEARS with this trailer trash bimbo who has platinum dyed hair and has too many tattoos and uses too much hair spray and wears too tight clothes and wears waaaaaaay too much eye makeup and cheats too much on her husband and also that maybe one of her kids is his. i used to have fantasies that were sexy and hot but now it seems like my fantasies are all about like choking out my husband in his sleep or beating that trailer b**** with a pillow case full of rolled up quarters. none of that will never happen of course but those are my fantasies now.

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  • I've never met one trailer park girl who would make you put on a condom. They will f*** you bareback in a heartbeat. I can't get enough of those nasty tramps!

  • Can I just say this about trailer chicks? STDs.

  • There's no ho like a trailer ho. Them b****** can F***!!!

  • i have to admit that the only mother-daughter combo i ever got in my life was in a trailer

  • Best b****** of my life was from an older gal in a trailer park. Don't remember her name, but I remember her mouth. Best f*** of my life was from an even older gal, also in a trailer park. Dorothy was her name, and I f***** her regularly for almost six months before she found out I was married. She still f***** me after that but wouldn't let me stay overnight. Never figured that s*** out but didn't care.....b**** could f***. God F*** DAMN that b**** could f***.

  • I can see how the husband couldn't resist this woman. I don't think any man could. It's not really his fault. He was a victim of a queen of seduction with charms and persuasions no man could walk away from. It's kind of like the husband was hypnotized and didn't really know what he was doing. Later, when he realized he'd been had, he didn't have the heart to tell his wife and cause her unnecessary heartache. He was being noble for her sake. He selflessly thought about her welfare and not harming her heart, rather than confessing his victimization and purging his soul of its shame and embarrassment. The man's like a saint.

  • You are the biggest idiot scum i have ever seen. He needed to be open and honest from the start, if you want an open relationship f****** tell your partner! Every man and woman has the chance and choice to say no unless its actually rape. He chose not to. No he isnt noble hes a lying cheating b****** who needs to leave.

  • All of ^ this ^ - every word of it - is totally true. Those women all know how to be women, they know how to sing the sirens' song, they know how to steal a man, and they know how to keep him. This man had no choice. Once this trailer park vixen set her sights on him, it was too late to save his marriage: she was going to win, and you were going to lose. And so now you have lost, whether or not he's still living at home with you, his heart is with her, and his c*** belongs to her, and you will never be able to change that. He is her property and always will be. Your marriage is over. And I'm sad to say that your family is over, too. This vixen also wants your nice house and your nice car, so she can get out of the trailer, and she is going to blow up your family so that your husband (soon to be HER husband) will have no place to go but to her, and in addition to getting your man, she's going to get everything you own.

  • Um ... excuse me! I have lived in a trailer for all of my 20 years. I am hot. Some people say I look like Angelina Jolie and I am still a virgin since I don't let just anyone in my pants and I am saving myself for marriage. I even go to church every Sunday and do not do drugs, drink or smoke. So, kiss my ass to all the jerks bashing women who just happen to live in trailer parks.

  • no you are NOT hot. you are just nasty. theres a difference.

  • they are all just b******. all of them. and they will f*** anything that moves.

  • Can you recommend any specific trailer parks where I can meet some of these women? I need some ass bad. I haven't gotten laid in over 3 years.

  • Wow! My kind of women!

  • Miley Cyrus? That's a man, baby!

  • Every b**** in one of these parks is a disgusting fat-ass chicken-eating crack-smoking greasy cesspool of STDs and hepatitis. If a guy f**** one, he assumes the risk, and I guess that's okay for the world. Problem is, though, he's assuming the risk FOR HIS WIFE, too. And that's NOT okay.

  • I'll be t you couldn't even get that ass of yours off the floor without the use of a Saturn 5 rocket. I bet flying for you means pushing your scooter to its limit in a bid to be first to the potato chip bowl.

  • WTF???

  • FTW???

  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • I love that trailer park woman. I can understand how any man would be captivated by her. She has the It factor and probably out of this world bedroom skills. These skills are more important than many sexually boring women think. Small wonder they drive us into the arms of trailer park sirens.

  • ^ Completely and totally agree. ^

  • In the six years of my marriage, I've cheated on my wife with five different women, all residents of trailer parks, and all much, much, MUCH better in bed than my wife, which is why I cheated with them in the first place. The one I'm with now is the best of them all, and she f**** and sucks better than anybody I've ever been with. I got her to divorce her husband so I could have her whenever I wanted, and what we have now is just so f****** good it's incredible. Trailer parks are a haven for oversexed females, especially if they are over forty. Damn, ALL those b****** are hot for the meat!

  • Amen! I hear that!

  • I don't know why, but trailer park babes are natural born sexpots who can do you 6 ways to Sunday. Once you had one, you keep coming back for more whether you are married or have a girlfriend. For some reason women who don't live in trailer parks suck at s**. Most of them don't even suck. They are too prissy and find s** icky compared to tralier park babes who are always hot to trot and have enormous sexual appetites and awesome bedroom skills to rock your world over and over.

  • Absolutely every word of ^ this comment ^ is totally and completely true. Well-reasoned, well-written, well-done!!!!!

  • Not all women are trailer trash I met my girlfriend a few years ago and she just happens to live in a trailer park not because shes poor because its affordable shes a classy 500+lb sweetheart and the hottest woman a guy could ask for so dont go around saying theyre all bad because you had a bad experience -light

  • This is true. You can even find better people in trailer parks than in some of those rich people neighborhoods populated with many snobs and arrogant douche bags. To call people who live in trailer parks trash is like racism. As with anywhere else, you have good people and not so good people in trailer parks. P.S. The Chinese Hatin' Dude sucks! He was so bad he got kicked out of a trailer park.

  • wrong they have no class they have no morals and they will do anything no matter who gets hurt especially the family of the person they have an affair with because they are so f****** selfish and dont f****** care

  • You are crazy person with bad breath.

  • You are bad person with crazy breath.

  • LOL. I don't know why but I like that comeback. I give up. You win.

  • Nah.....let's share the title. :)

  • Female trailer trash are the worst kinds of homewreckers. the b****** just don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves. greedy selfish tramps.

  • My first year of college I started dating a girl who I thought to be about my age, late teens or early twenties. She was very sketchy about the details of her life, but I thought she was just shy.....except when we were having s**: then she was wilder than s***. She would also never agree to meet my parents when I wanted her to. We dated for over a year, and finally I insisted that she come to our family's Christmas dinner. She broke down and told me she was 34 and had 3 kids by 3 different fathers and lived in a trailer. She also admitted that she knew my parents had money, so she was trying to get with me to get out of the trailer park. I really did care about her, but I couldn't get over how she had basically lied about who she was and what she was doing with me. She was nice, but she was using me to get to live in a nice house and drive a nice car and have nice clothes. That's what trailer park women do.

  • About two years ago my husband was embarrassing me -- and himself -- by having a sordid affair with a trailer s*** that weighed about 205. He finally came to his senses and dumped her fat ass but only after I threatened to take the kids and the house and the cars and leave him AND HER with nothing. Actually, she was probably the one that ended it after she found out that he wasn't going to be the rich swinging d*** she thought he was. I wish you luck with your situation.

  • My husband had a affair with a trailer trashette a few years ago and she was exactly like what you said about yours. And I also wanted to kill her too. I feel for you!

  • I hate that trailer park s***!

  • Think before you post

  • Ditto.

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