My secret is that I get very annoyed

My secret is that I get very annoyed when I see a pretty black girl with a black guy. I want every pretty black girl on the planet to be with a white guy, like me. Luckily, more and more, my wish is coming true.

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  • sad but true i think that most black women are only good for prostitution and fantasies. i only pay black women for s** only when all the white women are taken . And i love the term " n***** b****" i could laugh and laugh at hearing that phrase for days. I like black prostitutes , although i would never marry one . I am a black male , and i can't see what anyone sees in a black woman. i think they are only good for paid s** , or last resort s**. not for much more and i hope i never get one pregnant . Sad to say , i was married to a white woman and she did as one of the posters said , took my money and my kids. I thought she was just a bad apple though , but i do not like black women at all it might be because i was repeatedly molested by my Aunt from age three on up?....i don't know what men see in black women at all....

  • Wow. Who hurt you? Get over it man. You weren't man enough for her. Get out of your feelings and get it together. I'm pretty sure you don't know every BW on earth so your statements are abhorrently untrue.

  • I mean really, did you even get past high school? "Dait"? wtf?? It's "date" you moron.

  • Black guy who commented last, you can't even spell dait right, that's why you're a good-for-nothing jailbird black dude. And also you're just p***** that I said that black women are abandoning black men. It's true, the good-looking ones don't want them.

  • Like I was saying, I think it's personality not race.

  • What ever. black girls are the worst. You are ones who kick black men when they are down. And to the commenter who said it's a sneak attack, that's what happened to black women. That's why they all get mad when they see us dating white women. All the rich and famous black men dait white women because they are the only ones with class. Black women are mean and useless in the long term. They're a great lay but that's it. To get your feelings involved with a black woman can only spell doom. Your boyfriend will find out once he marry you and realize he's in h***.

  • White women can have all of you as far as I'm concerned. The majority of you are no good. Bye.

  • This now concludes your lesson race relations. Your welcome.

  • This is not a real race relation confession. All the comments are ignorant biases and blanket statements.

  • Also, WW are so disloyal... if a guy so much as has a hard period and loses his job, she decides he's no longer a "catch" and makes off with half his money and his kids. That's why it's getting so easy to convert your men, you don't treat them properly. You have a princess complex and expect to be catered to at all times, and if he doesn't spoil you, you're going to replace him. Meanwhile, BW are so loyal you could land your ass in jail and she's making plans to visit you! (Although I don't condone this and think our loyalty should have its limits). It's because you throw perfectly good guys away that you ruin them for other WW and they come running to us. Stop cheating and dumping, and this may not be happening to you quite so frequently.

  • LOL I'll just let you guys think that. That's exactly how white girls started losing their men to Asian women and that's exactly how they're going to lose their good men to black women too - because they're in love with themselves and convinced they're the best. They think no one else is competition and before you know it, the competition is dating your best men - sneak attack! We'll let you continue to revel in your arrogance and smile sweetly as we quietly make off with your men. Just like my mom did. Just like I'm doing. And just like Gerard Butler, Peter Norton, Robert DeNiro have all publicly said - there's just something about black girls... once you go black, there's no turning back!

    My boyfriend was just "dabbling" too... it's been 15 months and he wants to marry me now.

  • come on thats the same with all the women,basically use it u lose it,but use it way to much ur probably gunna kill yourself

  • Black women are like drugs. You do it for a while you have fun but if you stick with it long term you will eventually kill yourself. I say date one for a while, love the greatness of their p******(and oh black p**** is the best) but don't stay becasue then you will end up wanting to kill yourself or her. Especiall after the p**** is all used up.

  • well maybe once...but not forever. I got jungle fevor, I got jungle fevor

  • Ummm I don't want a black girl

  • to the commentors please comment on the three confessioners above this 1 because they are basically asking for it. and for any1 about to tell me to do it myself im gunna so shutup

  • I think it's a matter of personality, not race.

    I've met plenty of domineering white & asian women

  • I agree, they don't know how to treat a man like a man. Most of them want to be men and make all the decisions and stuff. Then you have to beat them down just so they won't get out of pocket. I'd rather have white or asian. They are beautiful too but they love to please you and they act like women.

  • Again,not all black women are like that. Stop generalizing a whole gender/race of people. It makes the lot of you sound ignorant.

  • Don't worry you can have them. I guarantee that in no time you'll throwing those loud mouth, annoying, drama queen, men wanna be black women right back to us. They may be beautiful but they are the worst when it comes to relationships

  • We are not all like that.

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