Started dating a black guy

I'm a 21 year old white girl and I've always dated white guys my whole life. But I started dating this black guy recently and, not to sound super weird or anything, but I'm super excited that I'm going to be having s** with a black guy soon! :) I can't wait, I've always wondered what it would be like :)

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  • WTF...... if you needed a blood transfusion, would you f*ucking refuse it if that blood comes from a black man. you racist p****. W'e all got the same color blood. F*UCK U

  • Please OP, stop being an f****** stereotype!!

  • Speaking purely as a guy...White guys will then see you as trash if you're with the black dude...Dirtied, trash, and unworthy. Sorry, but true.

  • You're one white man, entitled to your own opinion, regardless of it's inaccuracy.
    Don't speak on behalf, of the majority of Caucasian men.You're not the spokesman, for all Caucasian men.

    You neither have that privilege, power and control. You're a mere fellow human being, like everyone else. So stop trying to be, anything more!!

  • Good for you. I promise you that you will not regret it. Do it soon and do it often.

  • Good for you. They are good lovers and you will fall for them. Don't listen to these stupid ignorant white racists trash underground dwellers who say you will be ruined to sleep with a black man. They won't want you but if your smart you wouldn't want that ignorant gene pool anyway. Racist people are the dumbest people on earth. They don't get any dumber! You do you!

  • One exceptional black lover, doesn't determine, that the majority of black men are great lovers!! Stop being an idiot!!

  • Don't do it...You'll be ruined forever, and branded a filthy w****. Stick with your own race.

  • Race is irrelevant!! We're all human beings!! If you don't realise that, you've failed as a human being in my opinion!!!

  • When a white woman dates a n***** she has betrayed her genes and her white heritage. You must be a fat woman. Fat white b****** can't get a white boy so thats why they go black. Your baby will be a n***** too you know. The one drop rule.

  • Idiot!!

  • When a fat white girl dates a black man, some stupid ass white hillbilly crack head swallows his chew and his IQ dips even further in the negative. That's the one drop rule n*****! Stupid white pecker cracker n***** red neck reject crack baby's like the idiot that wrote the above post, is what wrong with the world. In-breeding. This guy is the product of years of inbreeding! That's why they need to stay off of social media.

  • I agree. This race mixing & diversity bull ruins all the non n***** races. We MUST stay pure, regardless of their childish labelling.

  • "We" as human beings, aren't pure to begin with, regardless of race!! Stop being another, prejudiced stereotype! It's old news! Start implementing positive changes and attitudes to better our world, for our future children!

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