Please explain

Ok so im 17 male. and i smoke weed. i started not too long ago and ive done it about 15 times. but ive never felt any different after i smoke. ive never felt high. i always feel the same. one day i smoked 4 blunts in a row. and got nothing. please tell me why.

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  • Are you breathing the smoke into your Lungs?

  • You might have crap weed. Everybody reacts differently to various drugs. I've known people who smoke weed daily and it doesnt get them high. If anything it makes them calm and more level headed. Your body's chemistry might be different. Usually people with ADHD or ADD have less reaction and dont get high. If my cousin isnt smoking weed he cant focus and is bouncing off the walls. I've seen his friends pass out and get f***** up from some hella good smoke and it doesnt do s*** for him.

  • Why bother?

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